elvis and white stripes and beers, oh my!

Come join the shamptons for the Exquisite Corpse Ball at Silvie's Lounge in Chicago !

The Jimmy AND The Daytonics (GODDAMN!) are getting all dressed up for a Halloween show at Silvie's Lounge on Saturday, October 30th.

The Daytonics (fun fact, The Daytonics formed at this very show 2 years ago) will be performing Elvis' Last Hurrah, and The Jimmy will be playing a set of White Stripes songs with Shawn as Jack, and Nik as Meg (if you liked Nik's moustache, wait til you see his falsies!)

Doors @ 8pm
White Stripes @ 9pm
Elvis @ Midnight

1902 W Irving Park Rd

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Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend!

Hello Shampton Fans!

Please come visit us at the 8th annual Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this weekend. The fair runs from 11-7 on Saturday and Sunday, and takes place on Division Street between Damen and Paulina. (If you visit us, ask Shawn to tell you his joke about Paulina Street)


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museum of shampton and industry GARAGE SALE SUNDAY!

Nothing like late notice, but the shamptons are having a garage sale in like 12 hours, sunday from 9-3.   Come browse the gift shop at the museum of shampton and industry, we'll be hanging out all day. 


Bring beer and we might give you a discount, come late in the day and we'll definitely give you a discount. Maybe we'll even fire up the grill when it's all done (if we don't sell it)


come visit at 4516 N Lawndale, Chicago. give us a call at 773-490-7444

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*This Friday* August 27th, Daytonics slay Quencher's Saloon

Start your weekend off on the good foot; the Daytonics are laying down their patented blend of garage soul and sweaty dance fever THIS Friday night!

This is the one you should come to, and bring all of your friends to. For real.

This show is a benefit for our great friend and 'whip'-boardist, the magnificent and immensely soulful Jonny Drexler.

This show is (probably) our last show of the year.

This weekend is one of the last weekends of summer 2010.
And the Daytonics will be smokin', I guarantee.

So line up your babysitters early. We'll be playing at 10:30 and 11:30, so tell them you'll be home late.

Note: we are also doing fund-raising on line. We have t-shirts, convert videos, and more on eBay. Search for 'daytonics benefit'.


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pixel party and coo-koo-ri-koo at renegade holiday sale

Hey everyone - come out and help us celebrate brown saturday and diaper sunday by purchasing handmade gifts for all of your friends at the renegade holiday sale. shana has new necklace designs this time, and shawn has mushroom and ms pac man wall hangings , and there are over 150 vendors this time including shana's favorite - skunkboy.

who: coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party (shawn and shana)
what: renegade holiday fair
when: saturday and sunday, december 5-6 11am-7pm

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yo yo yo! coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party are at the renegade craft fair this weekend

shana has been building up her yo yo army and is prepared for total world domination

shawn has pixellated dogs, apes, ghosts and more. you might say he has mega-pixels but that would be kind of dumb.

renegade is not your granny's craft fair. there will be no tea cozys or cutesy snowmen, and any cross-stitching in sight is sure to contain some profanity. there are over 300 booths this time, and the fair takes place on division street between damen and paulina in chicago.

who: coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party (shawn and shana)
what: renegade craft fair

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The Jimmy @ the Bottom Lounge on Thursday 8/20

The Jimmy are playing a show at Chicago's Bottom Lounge next Thursday night, with good pals Mean Ohio, The Hidden Dangers, and Pistols at Dawn. Looks to be a great show -- we've just finished recording our first record, and have a batch of new weird and groovy tunes to share with you.

Here's the details:

The Bottom Lounge is located at 1375 W. Lake St. in Chicago, just east of Ashland.
Cover is $8 (but you can actually buy advance tickets for $5 from TicketWeb)

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Pixel Party Opening Party at Novem

Hi all - just a quick note to let you know that Pixel Party will be on display at the Novem Store Holiday Art Show until 1/15. There are lots of great handmade holiday gifts available...

There is an opening party on friday night from 6-10pm with wine and cheese and a string quartet. Come on out and say hello.

pixel party
opening party at novem store

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renegade holiday show

shana and shawn will be selling at the renegade craft fair holiday sale this weekend.

for those of you that missed the summer show, i don't blame you, we hope to see you this time - the gymnasium helps to keep the hurricanes at bay.

if your read our last message, you'd know that renegade is not your granny's craft fair. there will be no tea cozys or cutesy snowmen, and any cross-stitching in sight is sure to contain some profanity. there are 150 booths, and the sale takes place inside the pulaski park fieldhouse

who: shana and shawn
what: renegade craft fair holiday sale
when: saturday and sunday, december 6 + 7, 11am-7pm
where: pulaski park fieldhouse, 1419 w. blackhawk, chicago
why: because you can't resist our ghosts and bags and birds, oh my!
how: ride your bike or take the bus - admission is free.

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