film fest report #3

and the latest update in my 31 horror movie in 31 days festival:

  1. dark hours - interesting. and yes. i mean that in the passive agressive not so much kind of way.
  2. living death - kristy swanson's best work since buffy. that's not saying much.
  3. shallow ground - i'm not sure what happened here. naked killer boy with oozing blood and bodily fluid that infects everyone it touches. ew. and yeah, not so much.
  4. eden lake - brutal. upsetting. glad i watched it in broad daylight.
  5. it - not sure what possessed me. i am terrified of clowns and pennywise is terrifying. like every other stephen king though the ending completely craps out and takes the terror away.*
  6. drive thru - another clown movie. and unlike it, the clown isn't at all scary AND the movie was totally satisfying.
  7. dorm of the dead - what can i say about this movie? well, i'm fairly certain that everyone on a porn set decided they were bored with porn and wanted to try their hand at gore. bad acting. bad sets. bad clothes. bad sound. bad editing. bad sex. bad bad bad.
  8. when a stranger calls - how have i not seen this? carol kane in a horror movie? thumbs up.
  9. arang - same old asian formula. long inky black haired ghost, atmospheric tension, water. i enjoyed it though - it was amazing to look at.
  10. return to sleepaway camp - ridiculous. kind of fun. and a boom mic oops toward the end. who can ask for anything more?

* doesn't count toward the total because i've already seen it.

total so far = 28 movies, 22 i haven't seen

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i'll eat you up i love you so.

we went to see where the wild things are tonight. it was incredibly beautiful and dark and complicated. its definitely not suitable for all kids to see. there were some things that were rough to process as an adult so i can't really imagine how kids would handle it. i'm actually still processing. overall though, thumbs up.

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film fest report #2

here's the latest in my yearly 31 horror movies in 31 one days challenge:

  1. waxwork - solid 80s teen horror fun*
  2. the funhouse - evil carnies. enough said.
  3. knock, knock - eh.
  4. waxwork 2 - not so solid
  5. one dark night - meg tilly looking 12 in the WORST. MOVIE. EVER.
  6. the haunting - by far one of the scariest movies ever based on one of my top ten favorite books.*
  7. terror train - a classic starring jamie lee post halloween.*
  8. amusement - terrible movie with a really terrifying clown scene.
  9. paranormal activity - probably one of the scariest movies i've ever seen. so scary i didn't sleep. no joke.

* don't count toward the total since i've already seen them.

total so far = 18 movies, 13 i haven't seen

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film fest report #1

my october madness has begun. here's what i've watched so far:

  1. haunting of winchester house - craptacular beginning to my month of horror movie. the bar has been set. low.
  2. dark ride - a repeat but well worth watching.*
  3. perkins 14 - brutal, creep and not great.
  4. rest stop - same as 3.
  5. wrong turn 2 - on the downside: gross. wrong. on the upside: henry rollins' neck and lots of great henry rollins ranting!
  6. dawn of the dead (remake) - i own this and have seen it a bunch. its a winner despite the fast zombies.*
  7. tokyo zombies - netflix recommended this (i think) based on my viewing both anime and zombie movies. it was amusing (in parts) and really wrong (the rest of the time.) i can't really say i enjoyed it but i also didn't hate it.
  8. killer movie - delightfully bloody fun.
  9. zombie diary - didn't even finish it. been there, done that. we get it, humans are
    sometimes worse than zombies. make your point in a less horrible and
    boring way and i'll watch.

an aside: kateri asked how many movies i watch during october end up being movies i'd actually watch again. i'd say a week's worth. so, its october 5 and i've already watched one new one worth watching again.

*these don't count toward the total because i've already seen them.

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oh, the horror! (the final chapter)

this morning i watched the deaths of ian stone. it had arrived from netflix on friday and i hadn't opened the envelope. i actually think it was one of my favorite horror movies that i watched this month.

i'm done for awhile. i don't think my brain can take anymore blood and guts, murder and dismemberment.

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oh, the horror! (part three)

32 horror movies...

feast 2
the grudge 2
night of the living dorks
dead end road

my brain is officially fried. i think i need to watch a romantic comedy now.

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zombies on the brain

after much ado shawn & i finally went to see diary of the dead.  giddiness ensued. seriously. i squealed  more than once while clapping wildly.  it was too much fun for words. without being silly. it was heavy in many parts - i don't want to lie. and bloody. and there was a zombie clown. but there was also a KICK ASS amish dude named samuel.  and some really sweet politcal jabs.  it was so good i didn't even care that i got a parking ticket.

if you are at all inclined toward the undead, go now...

Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

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a month of movies

january and all its illness did afford me the time to catch up on movies. here's the rundown:

  • evening
  • paprika
  • the namesake
  • paris j'taime
  • ratatouille
  • fay grim
  • sunshine
  • suburban girl
  • smiley face
  • the bourne ultimatum
  • live free & die hard
  • once
  • ocean's 13
  • mr. brooks
  • alpha dog
  • music & lyrics
  • license to wed
  • the ten
  • driving lessons
  • mr. woodcock
  • idiocracy
  • halloween (rob zombie)
  • wicked little things
  • waitress

ok, that's a little insane.  and i watched all of angel. between the writer's strike and being sick, i guess that's what happens.

my three favorites were once, the namesake and waitress. all three were pretty amazing. i've thought about the namesake almost everyday though. kal penn was remarkable - who knew? and its just such a beautiful story. and well, mira nair rocks my little world. monsoon wedding is definitely in my top 10 of all time.

hmmm, what is my top ten of all time right now? let's see...

  1. the godfather (1 & 2)
  2. halloween (1 & 2)
  3. the pink panther
  4. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  5. night of the living dead
  6. monsoon wedding
  7. stealing beauty
  8. to catch a thief
  9. the philadelphia story
  10. guess who's coming to dinner

i so love movies.

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conjuring inspiration

we went to see the illusionist this afternoon. it was sooooo good. i haven't watched a movie that was so visually inspiring since amelie. so good. and edward norton was soooo dreamy. and rufus sewell, who i normally would trade shawn in for, not so much. the most ridiculous stache i've ever seen. but nevermind the facial hair, it was a beautiful love story, gorgeously made. go now. seriously.

too bad my to do list was as long as my arm and i couldn't work on art.

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