a long time ago

i just finished rewatching both veronica mars and buffy the vampire slayer. i have feelings and thoughts. they are many. but for the sake of not annoyiing everyone, i'm going to stick to one thing. choosing teams.

when i saw this video for the veronica movie, i was team logan. i did agree with wallace though, as her best friend, he had to go team piz. i don't know why it didn't occur to me at the time that there needed to be another choice. hint: its not team deputy leo.

spoliers ahead...

i went into this movie wanting them to get back together. i did.  i love their chemistry. i love their witty banter. i LOVE this swoony scene between veronica and logan:

so, i wanted them to get back together. until i really didn't. i was rooting for veronica to ditch the life she thought she should have, the one where normal would've been the watchword, for the life she knew was hers, as a girl detective surrounded by people who had her back. but logan didn't always have her back. even after he delivered that epic speech, he was a terrible boyfriend and endangered her life on more than one occasion. why was i team logan again?

when did i stop rooting for logan? when he shows up wearing his dress whites that look three sizes too big. what was that even? besides silly. also, its nine years later and he's still the same old logan. suspected of killing his girlfriend, again. he's still the first one to throw a punch and he still lives with dick, the charismatic man-child* and would-be rapist. its just not charming anymore. team logan no more.

but i'm going to be honest. i did sort of love movie.yeah, i wished there was more mac, more wallace, more keith. i wanted less logan, more VERONICA MARS.

then, i decided to rewatch buffy.

i'd forgotten. i honestly had. i'd forgotten that when it came down to it, team angel or team spike didn't matter. it was all about team slayer and in the end, team buffy. both spike and angel, both kind of terrible boyfriends, understood. and we do too, thanks to that ridiculous but effective unbaked cookie metaphor. she's had the weight of the world on her shoulders for years. now that weight is lifted and she needs to figure out who she is without it, on her own. she is not finished.

neither is veronica. she knows what she needs to do, who she is. she just needs to start living that life. i just wish all of us didn't want her to end up with logan so bad. she'd have been better off without him. team VERONICA. 

* i love ryan hansen. its unfortunate that he plays dick and makes him likable. but he does. 

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community day!

community starts again tonight. i may have been late to that particular party but i love it. i'm looking forward to seeing what those wacky weirdos are up to (and getting ideas for new birds and maybe a dino or two!)

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fall tv, i love you so

when we were in chicago, fall tv started to pile up on my tivo. so,  while catching up on shop business and the internets this week, i've also been catching up on tv. 

here's a few thoughts:

mom - wow. dark. holy crap that was cringey. and maybe awesome. i'm not sure. but golly i love allison janney and anna faris.

the goldbergs - sort of painful with potential for greatness.

the blacklist - i wasn't going to watch this one. the ads skeeve me out a little. when did james spader morph into someone who bears a strong resemblance to truman capote. i mean, really. he was so handsome in a skeevy, smarmy kind of way but still. anyway, i wasn't going to watch it and then my mom said it was pretty good. it was. AND he doesn't really look like truman capote on the show. phew.

the agents of SHIELD - i started watching and shawn said, "i know i've eventually going to get sucked into this because, you know, joss whedon, but i'm going to try to hold out as long as i can." good luck with that. especially when i'm squeeing loudly every time a new whedonverse person appeared. charles gunn! shepherd book! holy crap, i was a happy girl.

brooklyn nine-nine - i didn't think i was going to like this. and i really, really did. huh.

trophy wife - what up with that horrible name? the show isn't half bad; bradley whitford, woo hoo! it might be great. that name though? ugh.

the crazy ones - i know my policy is to give everything a shot during the fall. i know. and this show stars the star of my favorite childhood show, mork & mindy, and one of my favorite shoes as a grown-up, buffy. you'd think that would work in its favor in my mind. it made me want to watch it less though. but i did and ugh. it gave me feelings. i don't know that i'll be giving it another chance. 

i loved: parks & rec. it made me cry. repeatedly. like leslie knope said, "it was like a waking nightmare of happiness."

i'm looking forward to: american horror story: coven and super fun night. also, the neighbors. i've been saving it to watch with kateri tomorrow night. and its on again tonight so there will be TWO episodes. quelle excitement!

i'm annoyed with: bones & grey's anatomy. aren't i always, though?

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i still watch grey's anatomy. i KNOW. everyone i knew who watched the show jumped ship ages ago.* like, 4 or 5 seasons ago. somewhere around denny's ghost or george's death or the shootings. ugh. i should've jumped ship after any of those events, all of which happened YEARS ago. nine seasons i've endured. nine. this is a remarkable amount of time to hate-watch a show. i've endured.

why though? why? every year i tell myself i'll stop and in august & september when i'm programming the tivo for fall tv, i somehow forget to delete grey's from the recording line-up. seriously. for five years i've told shawn that i was breaking up with grey's and then sometime in early october, he walked into the living room to find me watching it and looked at me like i'd farted the worst fart that had ever been farted. why do i do this to myself?

yes, i love bailey. and christina. and owen. and christina and owen. and really, owen. (have you seen dog soldiers? its one hell of a werewolf movie with a ridiculous ending and the handsome dr. owen hunt.) but its only because they are great at their jobs that i am willing to buy the drivel coming out of their mouths. seriously. remember when this show was good? it was so good. and then tonight was so silly in parts that i was yelling at the screen WHILE CRYING. because feelings. mostly about owen and christina. and then bailey. good gravy, what is wrong with me?

i also keep thinking that i've read that the show is ending. and when private practice was put out of its misery earlier this year, i was hopeful. but no, this show is never ending. its the neverending story only not good. because its NOT GOOD. also, no falkor. this season i swear i'd read this was the last season. its NOT. ugh. 

or am i wrong? is it still good and i'm just embarassed, like a 12 year old, because i like something my friends don't think is cool anymore? 

*i am sorry if you are still watching grey's and love it. i assure you that i am watching a show you gave up on years ago. i watch a lot of bad television.

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the weekly tivo report

nothing changed this week. bones wasn't on so i didn't have a chance to reevaluate. supernatural is still making me a little grumpy. still embarrassingly loving nashville. project runway allstars started though. it was fun. i hope its a little more fun that this past regular season. if not, that may get axed (in my mind.) we will see. 

have i missed anything? anything you're really liking this season? 

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the weekly tivo report


  1. nashville
  2. go on
  3. gossip girl
  4. grey's anatomy
  5. big bang theory
  6. the neighbors
  7. modern family
  8. the mindy project
  9. two broke girls


  1. private practice
  2. grey's anatomy
  3. the mentalist
  4. mike & molly
  5. elementary
  6. the simpsons
  7. grimm
  8. up all night
  9. raising hope
  10. walking dead


  1. bones
  2. supernatural
  3. american horror story


  1. chicago fire
  2. 666 park avenue
  3. once upon a time
  4. partners

when did i become a girl who watches sitcoms? and why are all the genre shows falling down my list? i find this shift mildly alarming. are the better writers doing sitcoms now? or am i just getting old? my grandparents LOVED sitcoms. oh dear.

can someone explain the accents on chicago fire to me and tell me who thinks air brushing lucy lui's freckles out is a good idea? 

i did see our friends' house on chicago fire. i watched about ten minutes, couldn't take anymore and fast forwarded to the last three minutes of the show to see one of the hot firemen climbing the stairs to their porch, where i drank bourbon this summer. that was fun. the rest of the show sucks.

the neighbors continues to surprise me. i really kind of love it. same with go on but i'm realizing as i type that it wasn't on this week. was that because of the town hall or did it already get cancelled already? that would bum me out. its really good.

anything not on my lists that i should give a shot?

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the weekly tivo report

chicago fire. this show is so not my thing but its filmed in chicago. chicago looks gorgeous on tv and in movies - its like visiting the best parts without the cold or the traffic. for that reason alone, i was willing to give it a shot. then i found out they actually used a friend's house in an episode and of course i'm going to have to watch. guys, its not good. yes, the hot fireman are hot and chicago looks all pretty but what is up with those accents? i've heard some thick chicago accents in my time and none of them sounded like boston accents. also, its really jacked up jacked up. i need to save my jacked up jacked up television time for the walking dead and american horror story. i'll watch until i see our friends' living room and then NO MORE! i will not be seduced by hot firemen.

elementary. oh, how i wanted to hate this. but i don't. lucy liu, johnny lee miller and aidan quinn are great. the writing isn't terrible. i think if it was a show about a former junkie detective named sick boy and his sidesick, o-ren, everyone could relax and just like it. but its not. its sherlock holmes and we're all so smitten with benedict cumberbatch that this didn't stand a chance. it just seemed like a bad idea. the truly bad idea? airbrushing lucy liu's freckles away. 

once upon a time. i think i'm breaking up with you. i care about you even less than i did last season.

666 park avenue. it gets one more chance. that's it. ONE MORE CHANCE, john locke, one more. do you hear me?

the simpsons. remember them? this week was seriously the weirdest treehouse of horror ever. did anyone else see it? or are we the only ones still watching?

why did no one tell me gossip girl was ending? i'm so glad i caught up on netflix this last couple weeks. i watched the season premier and it did not disappoint. oh how i love these gorgeous, rich assholes and their terrible, terrible decisions!

bones is still making me grumpy. mike and molly and HIMYM are still in the rotation as well, out of habit.

private practice and grey's are a bad habit as well but i've been enjoying them. more beautiful people making bad decisions.

supernatural needs a funny episode STAT. i was happy to see cas this week, though. happy? that's the wrong word but i do like misha collins a great deal.

i haven't watched this week's animal practice yet. i'm just not so sure. anything with a monkey seems a little iffy.

you guys. the neighbors is delightful. really and truly. weird and delightful.

modern family. i really don't know why we just started watching this last year. its just so good. 

grimm is still kind of lame but portland pretty. 

up all night is good although will arnett makes me sad. until i think about arrested development.

big bang still rocks.

deep breath... and a confession:

tami taylor said y'all in the first minute of nashville and i KNEW i was in. its so good. i can't write anymore about it because i am so embarrassed at how much i liked it. 

hangs head.

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tv update

i've watched a ton of tv. some of it isn't even memorable enough to make this list. here we go:

once upon a time. its still totally silly and i still totally like it. although, i realized while watching the clip show that i only half watch this show because i didn't realize it was a clip show until it was almost over.  

999 park avenue. i know what you're thinking. "isn't it 666 park avenue?" well, it is. but the building address is actually 999 and when the light shines on the numbers in a particular way, they cast a shadow that reads 666. sneaky. john locke owns the building and spends a lot of time talking about good and evil. that's all he can do now apparently. also, he seems to be the devil. mephistopheles making deals with attractive, greedy new yorkers. he just hired a young, attractive, non-native, but still possibly greedy, couple to be the live-in building managers. oh and he's married to vanessa williams. do we buy that? do we buy that vanessa williams and john locke as a couple? i'm not sure i do. whatever. i kind of liked it. it lives to see another week on the tivo.

how i met yo momma is still so lame. they are still doing that ridiculous bait and switch thing. oh oh, is this her? oh oh, are robin and barney getting married? oh oh, ted's being a twat. UGH. is it over yet? seriously, when do we get to find out who the hell the mother is? the real question is how much more of this shit can i endure?

why is mike and molly so popular? oh right, melissa mccarthy's awesome. ugh.

partners. why on earth is david krumholtz in this? its about two guys who have been best friends since elementary school and dreamed of working together, david krumholtz and his gay bff. anyway, mr. universe is engaged and his friend is a self absorbed pain in the ass. i think they were going for jack from will & grace with this character. jack was lovable. this guy is not. anyway, i've watched this one twice. the second episode was a wee bit better than the first but holy crap, its still not very good.

i'm not happy about bones and i don't want to talk about it. you can't make me.  

revolution. i'm out. i really dislike this show. i watched because its jj abrams and i want that first season of lost feeling back SO BAD but this, my friends, this is no lost. 

the mindy project. i love that my imaginary bff has her own show and i was really excited to watch. then, i didn't love the pilot. i laughed. it was funny. but, i didn't love it. you should have heard the imaginary conversations i was having with my imaginary bff over it. awkward. anyway, i LOVED last night's episode. so funny. YAY, IMAGINARY BFF! 

raising hope. still so very, very funny. also, cloris leachman made a rape joke. when is a rape joke funny? when an old lady tells it, apparently.

go on. i wasn't a friends watcher but i like matthew perry. i don't think he's the best actor but i think he's good at this one thing - playing a sort-of broken man. he's doing it here again as a young widower with a fancy pants job who is trying to move on with his life. john cho plays his assistant? right hand man? something. anyway, john cho is in it - who i think it effing hot. so there's that. which is good because this show keeps making me cry. the first time felt like an ambush. now i know to expect it. dammit.

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i want my (fall) tv

forget pumpkin spice lattes. the appeal is totally lost on me. excited to wear boots? nah. i loathe socks so boots are not my favorite. ok, ok. i love a good, cozy sweater. what really thrills me about the cooler weather and the changing leaves is that they signal the fall tv orgy, where i watch all the things. all of them. shows that i'm certain are a terrible idea (i'm looking at you, sherlock.) and shows i can't contain my excitement about (666 park avenue. good gravy, rich people behaving badly AND the devil? i'm in heaven.) i study my entertainment weekly fall tv preview issue, i program the tivo, i make a list of things that i'll have to watch on hulu... i take this very seriously. you see, i am on a quest.

i want to watch lost again for the first time. i want something to break my heart the way buffy did. i want to laugh like i did with arrested development or even better off ted. i want ed. or cupid - do you remember cupid? I WANT FIREFLY. i know the chances are slim but every once in awhile i'm surprised. (hello, friday night lights. oh and nice to see you again, scandal.) 

so, i watch and even though most episodes won't make it past 1 or 2 viewings, everything gets a shot. (even nashville.) i'll let you know how it goes. 

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you're standing on my neck

oh daria, i love you so.

there's been three hours of daria on MTV every morning this week. so, yeah. 40 episode is one week happened.

also, i may have suggested daria and jane as a future halloween costume to kateri. i think we'd rock. shawn could even be trent. 


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