fat tuesday blues

i took this picture on Fat Tuesday, 2007. It was early but we'd been on St. Charles for hours, waiting for our Zulu coconuts. i took this picture at the beginning of one of the best days of my life and although i carried my camera with me all day, i shot very few pictures. i was taking it all in and just enjoying the day. pictures couldn't have captured 1/10 of the magic of that day.

since then, i've spent fat tuesday pouting. i spend the day questioning our decision to move to portland instead of new orleans. i put "do you know what it means to miss new orleans?" on repeat and weep.

not today. today, i'm listening to WWOZ and eating king cake a friend sent. that same friend just texted me a picture of a parade taken from a balcony. i'm sure its not the last i'll get from her today. but its  ok. its not making me sad. at all. this evening, shawn's playing in a second line. we will eat some crawfish, drink and dance. i'll miss my friends and all that magic but i know i'm where i'm supposed to be today.

but next year in new orleans, right? 

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fat tuesday things i love

les bon temps rouler by raw art letterpress

abbey road mardi gras indian shirt  by inexplicable confetti

while i'm happy to back at home in portland, i do sort of wish i was in nola today. its been too long since i've seen the zulu king. so, i'll have to just content myself by looking at pictures from my last fat tuesday, listening to the soul rebels and eating king cake.

happy mardi gras, y'all! wish i was there!

(AND today only, get 20% off in le shoppe using coupon code FATTUESDAY!)

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music monday

new orleans on the brain. what can i say? happy lundi gras!

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postcard from new orleans no. 5

it was a picture perfect day in new orleans. it began with breakfast with two lovely ladies. i ran a quick errand in the french quarter and then we ended with more parades uptown. the only thing that would've made it better is a po boy from guys. there's always tomorrow.

wish you were here!

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postcard from new orleans no. 4

mardi gras.... the parades, the floats, the kids... the kids. yeah, you didn't think there were kids at mardi gras, did you? you thought it was all girls gone wild. far from it. mardi gras gets a bad rep. while things do get a little crazy on fat tuesday, it doesn't need to be like that. that's not the mardi gras most people in new orleans experience. mardi gras should be on everyone's life list. it is magical. really and truly.

you'd think that because i've done this a few times now i'd be able to describe it. magical is all i've got. words don't really get at the heart of it. and that heart beats to the rhythm of a marching band. 

wish you were here!

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postcard from new orleans no. 3

this afternoon i was walking back from the bus, enjoying the brief relief from the humidity that an afternoon downpour can bring. i was about two blocks from teena & phil's when i heard a horse whinny. i reached the corner of the hedge i was walking beside and to my surprise there were 4 horses chowing down around the corner, just chilling out before tonight's parades.

like the violinist busking while wearing a werewolf mask and howling his thanks for tips yesterday, you just never know what you're going to see at any moment in new orleans.

and the horses owner called me "baby". of course.

wish you were here.  

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postcard from new orleans no. 2

dear shawn,

i miss you today. while we don't normally make a big fuss over valentine's day, it does feel weird to be away from you. it feels especially odd to be in new orleans without you. even though i've been to new orleans many times without you, this feels different. i'm not volunteering. i'm not here for a quick weekend visit. i'm spending an entire week here, the longest we've been apart in a year. a really good year in portland. 

more than one person said something to me about whether or not visiting new orleans would leave me questioning our decision to move to portland because new orleans always seemed my perfect place. last night phil told emily that i was part new orleanian. these things are true, yes, but ultimately, home is where you are. 

happy valentine's day, shampton. i miss you and can't wait to come HOME.


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postcard from new orleans no. 1

at satsuma

i spent the most delightful day with bayou salvage kerry. she is just as magical as you'd imagine. she took me thrifting and i don't know what voodoo she was working but i'm sort of convinced i could've tried on a size 2 dress and it would've fit. MAGIC. 

we stopped at a sweet cafe in the bywater, the old neighborhood of my dreams, to refuel. this was painted on the floor. i love it. it sort of makes me want to break out in song. that may just be new orleans though.

wish you were here.


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moving along

i spent the weekend taking new pictures for my shop and for the new cookoorikoo.com. i'm pretty thrilled with how things are looking so far. there's stil a ton of work to be done but i feel like i'm making progress.

in other news, i'm going to new orleans! we really wanted to visit out friends, teena & phil. not only is teena riding with muses during the parade but they just had a baby, starla. its been so long since i've seen them so i'm really excited. i'm also excited that emily happened to be going to new orleans during the time i'll be there. i think she'll love it!

so, i leave in two weeks. there's a ton to do before i go! wish me luck!

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crush month - day 29

dear nola,

its been 5 years. 5 years and when going through my pictures for this post i can still feel my heart ache, i can still feel my blood boil. the anger about katrina and fema and brownie and bush is all still there but now there's also bp and new worries about what would happen if a hurricane were to hit. you've come a long way  but you just can't take anymore setbacks.

it feels strange that we haven't seen each other in so long. its been two years. i miss you. more than i can really say.  i miss the smells and the music and the trees and the food. most of all, i miss my friends, who you've taken awfully good care of. we'll just add that to the long list of things i'm thankful to you for.

i haven't forgotten. i won't ever forget. and i'm hopeful we'll see each other again soon.

as always,


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