a free jazz sort of list

what i've been reading, watching, doing, eating, etc.

  • i finally stitched my favorite mantra. i've been stitching a lot. i have an idea, i run with it and it feels really good. but, my arm is really tired. its probably good that i'm volunteering at craftcation this weekend. five days off from all day stitching is not a bad idea. i guarantee i'll be back at it immediately when i come home.
  • i am bringing a dropcloth sampler with. just in case i get stitchy twitches.
  • bj novak's book will be waiting for me on my nightstand when i get home. i would bring it with but this book is due back first and i'm dying to read this.  
  • i've read a lot of books about gardening these part few months. this blog is like the best of all the information i absorbed from those books and it just appears in my blog reader when action needs to be taken. i LOVE it. 
  • my friends are doing excellent things. hmmm. they could have their own list. maybe i need to bring back friday friends?
  • i'm dreaming of tomatoes and tomato recipes. when can i make this
  • i really like sady doyle. i read this one about tori amos right before i read this one about hannibal. i enjoyed them both. i just read her post about veronica mars. le sigh.
  • tv. omg. hannibal. its so good its killing me. 
  • also, bob's burgers. 
  • the muppet movie was so cute. the lemur. tee hee.
  • i'm taking tap three days a week. whoa. and i'd really like tap shoes like these
  • and this, this is awesome: 

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list of things

things i've read, things that i couldn't stop looking at, things i've cooked and baked, thing i'm just really into:

  • sometimes it sucks to be a woman on the internet. if you don't believe me, read this and this. and then tell everyone you know to read them.
  • if you like my stuff, then you like women. way to go kevin smith. 
  • i think everyone that is a parent or has had a parent should read this.  no, really.
  • the sunsets in PDX have been glorious lately. they've made this post especially interesting. the magic of iridescence
  • do you like toast? me, too. read this.
  • i have a bad habit. i love reading creepy stories on the internet. i love reading them to the point that i'm sometimes a little afraid of the dark. sometimes. they may have taken the place of regular horror movie watching for me, since horror movies tend towards lame and misogynistic these days. anyway, i love scary stories and i loved this post about them.
  • i love annie hall. i love bullets over broadway. hannah and her sisters? love. it. but, i don't love woody allen and i felt a little queasy watching the tribute to him on the golden globes. i wasn't the only one. there were a lot of people wrestling with their feelings about him on the internet this week. these two summed it up best.
  • i baked this cake as muffins this morning. i'm enjoying one with my coffee while i type.
  • i also made black bean and butternut squash enchiladas, which were damn tasty. i cannot find the right recipe though. derp. 
  • i'm thinking about knitting this. i may be insane. 
  • i have a well documented bad pop song habit. and by bad i mean so, so, good. hooks that stick in your head for weeks. currently, thanks to tap class and a previous dalliance with this particulary song, i cannot stop listening to Call Me Maybe. i guess the good news is, i know the dance i just learned two days ago in its entirety. 
  • we're totally late to the bob's burgers party but in the last couple of weeks, we fell hard. i think the episode where louise loses her ears may be the best thing ever.

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another list

of things i've read, things i like, things i've cooked, just things:

what have you been digging these days? what are you reading?

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list of things

some fun, some weird, some that will cause flames on the side of your face; all things i've been into lately:

  • this article about memories has got me still thinking. 
  • uh, there's a new muppet movie trailer. <kemit flail>
  • every single time i read a post at role/reboot i wonder why i haven't added the site to my reader. this post changed that. amazing.
  • this post was chilling. also, the author kicks ass. 
  • this is swell. i also like that i'm starting to watch tap dancing videos and think "i could do that with some practice." it has been a year since i started tap again, after all. 
  • i love this post by kateri about losing a library book. my library book. which some kind portlander has returned to the library for us. i really hope they read it first. its freakin' delightful. 
  • i love flannery o'connor. i loved this post. i'm really excited about the book. people and their faith. its fascinating stuff.
  • i watched this documentary. you should too. then, do a little digging online and allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole and be amazed and confused.
  • this conversation between mindy kaling and lena dunham is a fun and inspiring read. i love mindy. almost as much as i love jennifer lawrence:

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stuff and things

so, i kind of took a break. sort of.

i've finished book one. that's the first time i've said it and meant it. i could hand it to someone to read and not worry that there are glaring plotholes (although i'm sure there is a lingering typo or two.) i could. it doesn't mean i'm quite ready too. i'm working on it. also, i'm working on book 2 already. at least in my head. i've got a basic outline, i've started doing doing research (cloning nightmares are imminent) and i'm taking a lot of notes. i'm talking through ideas here and there with shawn and things seem to be moving along. its also stressing me out a little.  i'm having ideas for books beyond this series and kateri said "don't look now, but i think you're a writer." things have gotten real, yo. i'm a writer?!

so instead thinking about it to the point of a panic attack, i've just been ignoring it. here are a few of the ways:

  • canning. boozy cherries were the latest.
  • reading. i'm doing that thing where i swallow books whole again. there's a what i've read on my summer vacation post coming soon.
  • playing with inkodye.
  • making birds say stuff. 
  • and making purses again.
  • garden and yard work. neverending. 
  • plans with friends. trying to catch up from the spring of monkey sadness has been both rough and fun. 
  • marathoning orange is the new black like its my job. i know i am not the first person to tell you to watch it if you haven't already but seriously, watch it.
  • writing about scary movies.
  • oh and hey, i just saw pacific rim. holy swiss chees, that was fun. 

anyway, its been fun. i know i need to start writing again but not putting myself right back in that headspace where shawn's asking "what's for dinner?" and i'm thinking "salad but also, i'm going to have to kill that character, aren't i?" has been nice. i'll get back to it all soon enough.

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things that aren't the worst (a short list)

i felt really whiny about last night's post. then, i woke up feeling <whispers> better. the sun was shining. i could stretch like i normally would without wincing. i went for a run and was smacked in the face with the gorgeousness of spring in portland. everything isn't the worst. FINE. i'll admit it.

so, here's a list of things making me happy at the moment:

  • there is a tree bursting out each and every window of my house. plum trees, cherry trees, giant lilac bushes. awesome.


  • quentin tarantino. shawn & i went to see django unchained a couple of weeks ago. i then sent kateri this review: "the movie was like all quentin tarantino movies. it started and i got sucked in by the music and the words. oh, the sentences that these characters did speak. some of them were downright swoony. somewhere in the middle of the movie, my stomach turned and i was very uncomfortable. then the tide turned, someone mentioned a tasty beverage, the violence became cartoony and i was happy again. fin. (and like all quentin tarantino movies, i'd see it again.)" and i did. also, i admitted to kateri that when i am watching a quentin tarantino movie i kind of want to make out with him. he's sweaty, manic and ordinarily unattractive (to me) but his movies make me forget all that. smart is sexy. the sexiest actually.
  • shawn. he's been a rock star while my arm rendered me useless. plus, he's also only occasionally sweaty, never manic, super smart and always attractive.
  • my new phone case. annie posted a pic of hers on instagram and i, well, busted a move and ordered one immediately. i am no longer a regular subscriber to the cult of retail therapy but this one time i had to and it totally worked. this phone case makes me stupid happy. as my friend, kyle, wisely pointed out, we can all use a steady reminder to bust a move. also, in my email this am was a coupon code from kate spade saturday, good today and tomorrow on everything. you know, just in case you're like my friend becky from high school who saw my picture and had to have one.


  • this video. i watched an american in paris 4 times over a 2 day rental period and watched this scene again and again. its just so happy. and then at 4:37 he does something that leaves me completely speechless.


  • my friends. they are awesome. everyone's been checking up on me and i've gotten a few sweet gifts in the mail this week. i owe so many people thank yous. thank you isn't even big enough in most cases.

i could keep going but honestly, my arm is starting to hurt. that's the worst.

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things i love tuesday

a stuff my friends make edition

kateri made these while sitting on my couch. i got to see this magic happen up close and personal and they are awesome.

silver lining earrings

over at letter writers alliance, there's a nifty free stationery design that donovan designed.

you're so lucky stationery

the ladies at ureshii introduce some lovely new designs. this is my favorite.

scooter dress

diane kept showing bits and pieces of her new plush line on instagram. i was dying to see the final product. i was not disappointed!

sawyer the grumpster

lillyella is back! yay, nicole! <kermit flail>

chain gang necklace

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oh, internet

here's a few things i've been enjoying online:

  • i watched this last week, told shawn to watch it and then watched it again. i kept meaning to post about it but you know, didn't. in the meantime, its made the rounds - showing up on a few of my favorite blogs. its a good way to spend 14 minutes. watch it:


  • this interview with cheryl strayed is pretty great.
  • the stories from the last back fence pdx are online. this one sort of knocked my socks off.
  • a lot of people i know have been having a rough couple of weeks so this struck a chord. and made me smile.
  • this post by mandy on xojane was fantastic. and exactly what i needed today.
  • then there's this sweetness:

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what's happening?

here's a bit of what's been going on around these parts:

1. wizard world portland. shawn was asked to peddle his pixelparty wares at the first wizard world in portland, sort of last minute. we thought it could be fun and potentially profitable so we busted ass and did it. lots of hours spent building up inventory, working on display and getting ready for a totally fun, not so profitable show. we made a little money, which is always nice and we have a lot of inventory so shawn can now just concentrate on making new things, which is awesome. plus, really, so fun. 

2. making crazy new things. like the necklace below. i keep seeing mass produced things and reimagining them with yoyos. i have to say, its fun and i'm totally loving the what i'm making. 

3. editing the book. back in november, i just wrote. sat down at my computer everyday and wrote. tried not to use the backspace key, never reread what i'd just written. there were days i knew what i'd written was going to need some serious work. i also came to a point when i was writing when i knew that something i'd done in an earlier chapter was going to need to be completely rewritten and that i was going to need to add a chapter or two. the writing program i use, scrivener, is really nifty and let's you leave notes for yourself. i left a lot of notes. so, i'm going through, chapter by chapter, fixing typos here, run on sentences there. my goal is to make it readable.  i was working on a chapter the other day that was an embarrassing hot mess. its took me 5 or 6 reads to figure out just what i was trying to say. its hard work but i'm sort of enjoyng it. well, i'm enjoying the story i've written. that seems like a good sign.

4. tap dance. still at it. there are many things that i enjoy doing that i'm always working at - making things, writing, baking. then there's tap dancing. i've been thinking a lot about malcolm gladwell's 10,000 hour rule and realized i wouldn't mind spending 10,000 hours tap dancing. not one bit. mastering something simply because it makes me deliriously happy seems like an excellent idea. i'm actually going to start taking two classes every week and setting aside time every day to practice. because, well, how else do you get this good?

5. hanging out with kateri. having her here in portland is fantastic. she's moved into her own adorable place now but she's still only 2 miles away and twice now she's stopped by and ended up staying for dinner. yeah, pretty awesome.

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year in review

Theme of this year: YES

Best Month of the Year: November

Best Day of the Year: November 30

Worst Day/Time of the Year: April

Favorite Person of the Year: Shawn. Always.

Favorite Moment of the Year: Picking Kateri up from the airport. Finishing the book.

Favorite Movie: Moonrise Kingdom. or Cabin in the Woods. 

Live Show of the Year: Rebirth Brass Band's grammy homecoming show at the Maple Leaf Inn. And that time Shawn's band opened for Rebirth.

Best Thing I Bought: Running Shoes

Favorite Trip: The Redwoods in May

Book of the Year: The Element of Lavishness by Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell

Project of the Year: Writing a novel for Nanowrimo

TV of the Year: Treme

Dessert of the Year: Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

My Resolution(s) for 2013: Be better. Do better.

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