things i love tuesday (or things i'd like to tell my 15 year old self)

last week, i picked into the wild nerd yonder. in the craziness of my last week of work i wasn't able to finish it. until yesterday.

its about a 15 year old girl, jessie. she sews skirts out of the wackiest novelty and holiday themed fabric she can find at the fabric store. she wants a different one for each day of the school year. she's unapologetically smart. she loves math, her older brother and audiobooks. the book begins during the summer before her sophomore year of high school. her best friends, char & bizza, are changing. everything seems to be changing and when jessie looks in the mirror she wonders why she isn't too. but really she is. she's growing up and realizing her friends suck a little and that possibly she deserves better. and so what if better is the band geeks who welcome her at their lunch table or the d & d nerd she sits next to in study hall.

i LOVED this book. i am not going to lie though. it made me a little sad for my 15 year old self. and then it made me think of andrea's magnificent list. and here we are...


thing things i'd like to tell my 15 year old self:

  1. she may seem fun. and so much cooler than you. and you will be awash with the glow of new friend crush for most of the school year but when it turns you won't know what hit you. and it will take years to recover. i'm not kidding.
  2. but sleepover at her house a few times. you could miss out on that magical kiss with her older brother otherwise.
  3. stay friends with sue though. she was awesome in every possible way.
  4. when your parents tell you that possibly you should wait another summer before getting a job, listen.
  5. go with shawn to lollapalooza. it was a great show and he shouldn't have missed it because of your dumb summer crush.
  6. speaking of that crush, he'll break your heart. but go ahead anyway. it was totally worth it.
  7. don't let shawn do all your math homework. its a bad plan and will cause years of anxiety dreams about having to retake algebra.
  8. on that note, don't do his english homework. reading huck finn never killed anyone.
  9. don't quit marching band. don't. you had fun. and you'll realize later in life that those are your people.
  10. also, don't stop doing tech for drama club. those are your people too.
  11. and just because you decided you didn't want to take honors everything anymore doesn't mean the other honors students aren't still your friends. they are. you'll realize it again in a couple of years but you missed out on some fun. i'm sure of it. and again, see 9 & 10.
  12. don't dye your hair black. purple, pink, green, blue - absolutely! black, NO.
  13. wear more pink. it'll make your mom happy.
  14. check in with your parents when you're going to be late. you worry them otherwise.
  15. your parents are a lot more awesome than you think.
  16. start calling dom dad. it'll make everyone happy.
  17. you're not fooling anyone with that whole "i'm going to the library" routine.
  18. also, possibly, cut school a little bit less. yes, you get good grades but still.
  19. step away from the bad boy. he may smell good, have extra long eyelashes and you know he kisses great but THEY ARE A HARD HABIT TO BREAK.
  20. when you get your learner's permit, just have grandpa take you out. he
    was the toughest of your driving teachers but learning to drive
    stick is important.
  21. pay more attention whenever lucy wants to show you how to do something. seriously.
  22. otherwise don't change a thing about your relationship with wally & lucy. you'll realize soon enough that you won the grandparent lottery.
  23. keep those sassy magazines.
  24. don't loan out that vintage dress. you'll never see it again. it was a dollar, perfect in every way and you'll long for it regularly.
  25. don't let those green chucks out of your sight. mom hates them and they will disappear one day.
  26. don't stop dancing.
  27. don't ever play dumb. boys who don't like smart girls are not the boys for you.
  28. shawn likes smart girls. i'm just sayin'.
  29. and you are most definitely not fat.
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things i love tuesday


books upon books by squidart

here's a list of favorites, which is by no means complete:

of love and other demons by gabriel garcia marquez
portrait of a lady
by henry james
the rachel papers by martin amis
20 poems of love
and a song of despair by pablo neruda
barrel fever by david sedaris
by grand central station i sat down and wept by elizabeth smart
by vladimir nabakov
the master and margarita by mikhail bulgakov
dylanist by bryan morton
like a hole in the head by jen banbury
idiot girls action adventure club by laurie notaro
first comes love by marion winik
through the looking glass by lewis
the moviegoer by walker percy
confederacy of dunces by
john kennedy toole
a wrinkle in time by madeline l'engle
the end
of the affair by graham greene
darconville's cat by alexander theroux
bloodsucking fiends by
christopher moore
in the land of dreamy dreams by ellen gilchrist
foster by kaye gibbons
emma who saved my life by wilton barnhardt
high the roofbeams by j.d. salinger
neverwhere by neil gaiman
harriet the spy by louise fitzhugh
locked room by paul auster
a prayer for owen meany by john irving
by mary gaitskill
sixteen pleasures by jeffrey hellenga
a room
with a view by e.m. forster
the things we talk about when we talk about love by raymond carver
suicides by jeffrey eugenides
pride and prejudice by jane austen
the sidewalk ends by shel silverstein
wonder boys by michael chabon
the adventures of cavalier and clay by michael chabon
the screwtape
letters by c.s. lewis
from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e.
frankweiler by e.l. konigsburg
love medicine by louise erdrich
year of magical thinking by joan didion
midnight's children by salman rushdie

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some of the reasons i fell in love with oregon


  1. meeting people whose work i've admired (although i'm a bit confounded that i didn't take their pictures.) {the comment below reminded me that we also met ward of ward-o-matic, andrea's husband. i LOVE his work.}
  2. the weather. kind of grey, kind of rainy, always a bit moist but it was wa rmer than chicago every single day.
  3. the green. its almost everywhere. even on snowy, snowy mt. hood there was a ton of big green trees to look at.
  4. the food. holy crap, the food. the food carts - yay for potato champion! the small plates and charcuterie - clyde common & olympic provisions, yum. the tasty tasty sandwiches from bunk and one of the best grilled cheeses i've ever had at the grilled cheese grill. oh and don't forget voodoo doughnuts!
  5. the beer - we found ourselves in brew pub after brew pub, day after day. we had at least one beer a day. my favorite: the arctic blastonator weizen bock from deschutes brewery.
  6. the people. incredibly friendly. completely into their city, or their state as the case may be. and helpful. nice.
  7. small businesses seem to thrive. like the food carts. a waiter told us he thought it was all the rain - people needed to channel their creative energy somehow. so, they figure out what they do well and do it. and people appreciate it. pretty excellent if you ask me.
  8. the mountains. and the ocean. and the desert. and the trees. drive in any direction for a few hours and your bound to hit something new and pretty. entirely unlike illinois.
  9. our hotels. i know there are nice hotels everywhere but shazam we stayed in some excellent hotels. ace hotel, cannery pier hotel, jupiter hotel, and even the timberline lodge. awesome. and just made us like everything that much more knowing we had nice places to rest our weary heads.
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my year in review

Theme of this year: change.

Best Month of the Year: may

Best Day of the Year: july 16

Worst Day/Time of the Year: fall

Favorite Person of the Year: shawn. always and forever.

Favorite Moments of the Year: meeting people i've admired for a good long while - brenda, mati rose, katie... if i missed you, i'm sorry. it doesn't mean i don't think you're awesome.

Favorite CD of the Year: o - tilly and the wall

Favorite Movie: whip it

Live Show of the Year: neko case at lollapalooza

Best Thing I Bought: this hoodie

Favorite Trip: austin in may

Book of the Year: the magicians by lev grossman

Project of the Year: a cowl made entirely of selvedge

TV of the Year: big bang theory

Dessert of the Year: my vanilla ice cream

My Resolution for 2010: be this courageous.

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30 songs

What are 30 songs you cannot live
without? Ones that come on and you have to totally STOP what you're
doing just to listen, or break out into intolerably loud singing, or
dance. You know, you won't get out of your car until they're over. Or
you will dance down a supermarket aisle with nary a care. And you can
listen to them over and over and never get tired of them.

kateri did it because her friend mike asked her to and because there is nothing i love more than making lists, here are my 30 songs using that criteria in no particular order:

  1. my baby just cares for me - nina simone
  2. its oh so quiet - bjork
  3. the monkey song - major lane
  4. buddy holly - weezer
  5. a thousand miles - vanessa carlton
  6. that's the way - led zepellin
  7. (sweet sweet baby) since you've been gone - aretha franklin
  8. suspicious minds - elvis presley
  9. do you know what it means to miss new orleans? - louis armstrong
  10. misguided angel - cowboy junkies
  11. she's electric - oasis
  12. july, july! - the decemberists
  13. true love ways - buddy holly
  14. universally speaking - red hot chili peppers
  15. can't hardly wait - the replacements
  16. blackbird - the beatles
  17. ray of light - madonna
  18. seven stars - the apples in stero
  19. pretty in pink - the psychedelic furs
  20. pata pata - miriam makeba
  21. mockingbirds - grant lee buffalo
  22. sweet emotion - aerosmith
  23. maybe sparrow - neko case
  24. i want you back - the jackson 5
  25. just like heaven - the cure
  26. life on mars? - david bowie
  27. wild horses - the rolling stones
  28. should i stay or should i go? - the clash
  29. digital love - daft punk
  30. jane says - jane's addiction
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