crush month - day 31

Got A Girl Crush
and in honor of the last day of crush month, i give you got a girl crush. as a girl in the perpetual state of girl crushdom, i have to say i love this blog and have a massive crush on its creators for being so clever. this little bit on the about page sums it all up nicely:

"Ever find yourself with an overwhelming sense of admiration for another
girl? Where you want to be her AND be friends with her? And it teeters
on the line of jealousy/envy? Sounds like you've got a girl crush.

This is a place dedicated to those women with impeccable
style, talent and wit. We'll be posting links about awesome gals,
photos & art by talented females, and music by rad girl
bands/artists. Not to get all Spice Girls up in here, but we feel
empowered by these women, and hope you will, too!"


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crush month - day 30


these amazing little crocheted thingamabops that i found at the antique store yesterday. some were attached to earrings and some weren't but all of them are delicate and lovely.

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crush month - day 29

today's the day. its been four years since the flood. and its been over a year since i've visited. i miss it. i miss my friends, the houses, the trees and that new orleans thing. i've tried to put it into words again and again but i'm pretty certain i always miss the mark. instead of going to that sad and sometimes angry place i often visit when writing about new orleans, i'll leave you with this little bit of new orleans fun:

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crush month - day 28

girl groups. the hair, the clothes and of course the songs. in shanaville, my imaginary happy place, i'm a backup singer in a girl band while living in an airstream trailer, baking pies and solving mysteries. but i digress, girl groups. it doesn't get much better than this:

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crush month - day 27

my sewing machine. its white. and plastic. but in my mind it looks like this. totally bad ass.
it can do anything.
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crush month - day 26

this necklace. i'm dreaming of it. of course when i'm dreaming of it,
its candy and i can eat it. that won't work but still.
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crush month - day 25

ballads. big, embarassing ballads. these are the song that turn me into a total idiot in the car. you would point and laugh if you passed me on the expressway while listening to one of these songs.

i, like most every teenager ever, spent hours driving around during the summer. mostly we drove around, talking, giggling and listening to music. on occasion someone would forget a tape to play or the stereo would be eating tapes and we would be forced to listen to the radio. invariably one of these songs would come on and we'd all find ourselves singing along.

here's a shameful list of some of my faves and please don't hold it against me...

crazy - aerosmith
i remember you - skid row
when its love - van halen
don't know what you've got (till its gone) - cinderella
more than words - extreme
edie - the cult
love song - tesla
sweet child of mine - guns n' roses
home sweet home - motley crue
don't stop believing - journey
livin' on a prayer - bon jovi
total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler

and one of my new favorites...

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crush month - day 24

they're sweet, crisp and complex. they remind me of new orleans and
they are the perfect drink for a summer's day. i'm having one right now.
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crush month - day 23

airstream trailers. it started with the long, long trailer and lucy & desi's bungalette. it continued on the many trips i took with my grandparents and then with shawn searching them out on the road like a rare bird. there was jaye's airstream in wonderfalls. and then there was the cupcake trailer in austin where we hatched the plan for private pies - a pie bakery/detective agency in an airstream. we ever have airstream twinkle lights in our kitchen, courtesy of kateri.

they are just so appealing. the shiny aluminum and the beautiful bullet shape.
they're like a dream on wheels
and i'm pretty sure that someday we'll be riding in one.
vintage trailer by friendlymade

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crush month - day 22

my new necklace - i called it 31 flavors because it reminds me of ice cream.
i kind of love it.

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