this week's happy making things


1. Cactus Garden (Flowering Agave), 2. new year new print new printer, 3. without you i am nothing~II, 4. struisvogel, 5. cup a day #3 - 1.3.08 - Las Manos 12oz, 6. The Masked Valentine, 7. How did I get off the main road???, 8. The Mystery Of The White Bird Paper Wreath, 9. mushroom + moss, 10. the parting, 11. Pretty Zombies, 12. espresso cup + saucer overview, 13. Le Krewe D'Etat 2005 Line Up, 14. 4045g, 15. European Starling, 16. le penguin - part 2

i'm also thinking about trying to make these, wondering if shawn & i could make something for this, dreaming about living in this universe, admiring this a great deal, and drinking a lot of this since i seem to have come down with the flu.

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things i'm loving this week

that's a lot of love...

i'm also pretty enchanted with my new batch of button rings. shawn said they looked like flowers from outer space. they're happy.

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friday's random ten happymaking things

  1. this squirrel.
  2. this article about vivienne westwood's current view on fashion - fashion diets required. i couldn't agree more.
  3. this cute overload pic. mossy furry goodness.
  4. betz white's leaves and acorns. so cute.
  5. this halloween garland.
  6. the fabulous new dress my mom made.
  7. this recipe.
  8. bizarre birdie love triangle. so cute.
  9. this print.
  10. the holidays being over at work. phew.
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friday's random ten happy making things

#1 - this etsy shop.
#2 - the cicada hum. if i seem a bit obsessed its because i am. i was starting high school when they were last here and i just remember finding them icky. the older and infinitely more curious me thinks they rock now.
#3 - heroes. shawn & i are (re)watching season one. its so fantastic.
#4 - the newest apples in stereo.
#5 - my green toes.


#6 - the wraps i made for dinner last night - roasted chicken, apples, brie, baby greens, bacon, brianna's poppyseed dressing. yummy.
#7 - happy mail. mailorder #7 and prizes from sweet jessie arrived yesterday.
#8 - teena's new dolls. so freakin' cool.
#9 - my newly dyed green babydoll dress.*
#10 - summer

*crazymaking thing - my card reader won't work so i can't, at this moment, post the accompanying pic. grrrr.

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10 things that make me happy

  1. its gorgeous. absolutely breathtaking. its in the seventies, humid and the sky is bright blue with giant puffy clouds.  i can almost forget that i'm in chicago and that there's a real possibility that it could be sub-zero again soon.
  2. my new birds. they were really fun to make and people seem to like them. that's nice.
  3. this. it makes me laugh.
  4. the cookies i made yesterday. so delicious.
  5. wallaby bartlett pear yogurt - who knew?
  6. this photo.
  7. and looking on the bright side of my sewing machine being busted - i'm getting all those patterns that i was dreading cutting cut.
  8. also, i'm learning what i don't want in a new sewing machine. and that's a good thing.
  9. the new kristin hersh.
  10. tomorrow i'm taking a mental health day (and going to the dr.)

and that today, on day 16 of my headache, a monday, i was able to come up with 10 things that make me happy.

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