things i love tuesday (a short list)

  • coming home from vacation to a clean and tidy house. so glad i took the time before we left.
  • coming home from vacation to a pile of packages from friends. who doesn't love presents?
  • pizza. just saying.
  • this project i'm working on. its big and a little crazy but its making me happy. 
  • the pictures i took during beach week. i've just gone through them and they make me pretty darn happy. 

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things i love tuesday (etsy love)

i love my bicycle so very much. its beautiful and every single time i go for a ride someone tells me so. plus, riding in portland is so much less scary than it was in chicago. i don't think twice about going out for a ride by myself now and yesterday i rode my bike to do some holiday shopping. i couldn't really wrap my head around that but it made me happy. i rode my bicycle in december to go buy presents. AWESOME. it made me love my bike (and portland) even more.

so, here's a few etsy picks for the bike lover in your life:

from the top:

detachable smartphone speaker, country cycle print, mopha tool roll

i heart my bike, eloise handlebar bag, classic

classic wood porter crate, speedy delivery mug, brain helmet

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why today was awesome

a list...

  • i had my eyebrows sugared. this may be oversharing and seem like not really a big deal but trust me, it was. i haven't had them waxed in about a year and had been extra lazy with the tweezing.
  • monkey was extra cute. exhibit a: 

  • as i mentioned before, i left the house. since it feels like all i've been doing is watching bad television and preparing for crafty wonderland, it was nice. and sunny.
  • itunes shuffle gifted me with a mobile dance party during my errands. it was most excellent.
  • kateri & i watched more eerie, indiana while chatting on the phone.
  • i set up my next tattoo appointment.
  • i ate a croissant. never a bad thing.
  • did i mention the sun?



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a seattle list

here's a few highlights from our trip to seattle, in no particular order:

  1. the neil gaiman & amand palmer show was pretty incredible. they both sang and read and it was a little like watching them on twitter, goofily romantic. it was delightful.
  2. pike place market is remarkable and there are so many great restaurants in seattle. it made going to seattle while we are restricting our diet seem like a bad plan. we muddled through, had one really great meal and have a list as long as our arms of restaurants we want to try on later trips. 
  3. shawn & i both dropped off stuff at shops in seattle. people of seattle, get your pixel party on at pink gorilla games and find cookoorikoo at tasty, reconstructed seattle and cakespy.
  4. we got to hang out with the lovely, rosalie of unanimous craft and her partner in crime, doug. that was fun. we definitely hope to see them more! after all, seattle is not that far!
  5. we didn't have plans for thursday night so we decided to try to go see the sharon jones show. but we showed up at the venue to find out that it had sold out since we'd checked an hour earlier. shawn is a pro at buying tickets to sold out shows so started to work his shawn magic. a woman said yes, she had two tickets and we didn't owe her a thing for them. we insisted we buy her and her friend a drink and then we all enjoyed the show. seriously so awesome.
  6. i took a very, very long nap in the sunshine whie shawn worked one afternoon. bliss.
  7. the jason webley show was so great. i know it got its own blog post but its worth reapeating. if you are unfamilar with jason webley, aquaint yourself. you won't be sorry.
  8. seattle is really, really pretty. and really really big. i loved it and i'm glad we live so close but i'm happy to live in portland. 
  9. we went to experience music project. the jimi hendrick exhibit was cool. the nirvana exhibit was like taking a little hike through my teenage angst and there was also a horror exhibit. i saw the sign from the slaughtered lamb, of american werewolf in london fame. it was rad. also pretty cool? the scream booth - an almost soundproof photobooth that photographs you as you scream.    
  10. i didn't get to see the fremont troll.
  11. i guess we'll have to go back.
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what i've been up to

the blog posts have been infrequent. short and sweet when they occur. its been a crazy couple of weeks. here's just a bit of what's up:

  • shawn brought his pixelparty to the portland retro video game expo. totally fun. totally nerdy. a lot of work. i do all of the finishing/assembly of the jewelry and we made a ton of new stuff so, that kept me VERY BUSY.
  • we've changed the way we're eating quite a bit so more time was spent making smoothies and salads. and a giant pot of vegetarian chili. roasted veggie tacos are our new favorite meal.
  • i bought a bike and went for my first portland bike ride. 4.5 miles y'all. 2.25 miles downhill there, 2.25 miles UPHILL back. bad planning but i survived.
  • i packed up and sent off our nephew's first birthday gift. he's walking now! a year old! seriously, how does that happen?
  • i did some writing for my other blog. i've got a bunch of other reviews and things written that i need to actually post. that'll happen soon. it has to because my crazy 31 horror movies in 31 days tradition starts tomorrow!
  • i've been finishing up some BIG bracelet orders. so, lots of digging through my stash of jewelry, piecing things together like a puzzle and glue glue glue.
  • i've been having fun watching all the new fall tv shows. i'm loving the new girl and two broke girls. i can't wait for the walking dead, grimm  and dexter!
  • i'm making lots of new stuff for this show next weekend. it should be fun - if you're in portland, come say hi!
  • AND last but not least, i reblued my hair. 





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things i love tuesday

a list:

  • the smell of fresh cut grass.
  • this video. i dare you to not cry.
  • roasted vegetables and smoothies. that's pretty much all we've been eating and well, yum.
  • summer in portland. some days are warm, some days are cool, no days are unbearable. 
  • this blog. daily design inspiration. 
  • when people send me pictures of the things i make in action, like this.
  • this movie. sister diane recommended it on twitter, with the warning that there would be tears. there were but i loved it. (its on netflix instant!)
  • and then there is this. i dare you to watch it and not be happy. or not dance.

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my lame day - a list

  1. bum breakfast burritos. 
  2. neverending laundry and dishes.
  3. no mail. no really, no mail. what's up with that?
  4. a rudolph the reindeereque pimple on my nose.
  5. projects waiting not so patiently for me to feel motivated.
  6. weird weather.
  7. multiple miscommunications.
  8. miscommunications that led to bickering.
  9. still packed boxes.
  10. girl stuff.
  11. a smelly dog.
  12. unbelievably stupid user error causing the loss of a huge amount of work.
  13. missing my nephew. and his parents. and my parents. and friends in chicago. (but not chicago. not even a little.)

that was kind of satisfying. it was just one of those days. nothing went tragically wrong but nothing was really going right either. so tonight i'm going to try to accomplish at least one thing on my to do list. and write some letters. that usually works. and if it doesn't i'll just sit and stare at this picture of my nephew. 


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things i love tuesday

a short list:

  1. walks with monkey
  2. they might be giants
  3. this necklace
  4. baking bread
  5. split pea soup
  6. this picture
  7. moss
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panic on the street of lawndale (a list)

things that currently have me in a tizzy (and trust me, i know i seem crazy and most of these are easily solved or aren't really problems at all):

  • where will our stuff go? i haven't seen the house, shawn has. he assures me our stuff will fit but what if it won't?
  • how long will it actually take us to get there? will we hit any snowstorms? what if our stuff gets snowed in somewhere?
  • what if portland doesn't find the shamptons as charming as chicago does?
  • what if the address i've been giving everyone isn't right?
  • i haven't been making things but have had tons of ideas. what if i can't find where i've packed the notebook with the ideas i've written down and can't remember the ideas?
  • monkey hates going out in the rain. portland is rainy. what if she won't go out in the rain?
  • am i going to need to buy a second raincoat?
  • what the hell am i going to do on saturday nights?
  • what if i've actually forgotten how to ride a bike?
  • where are the keys? and once they get here what if i forget them?

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my year in review

Theme of this year: change. again.

Best Month of the Year: january

Best Day of the Year: june 25

Worst Day/Time of the Year: april 22

Favorite Person of the Year: shawn. always and forever.

Favorite Moment of the Year: meeting my nephew

Favorite CD of the Year: evelyn evelyn - evelyn evelyn

Favorite Movie: exit through the gift shop

Live Show of the Year: evelyn evelyn at the park west

Best Thing I Bought: mini cupcake pans

Favorite Trip: portland in january

Book of the Year: feed by mira grant

Project of the Year: a super secret gifty project inspired by this and these.

TV of the Year: big bang theory. again.

Dessert of the Year: orange creamsicle tart

My Resolution(s) for 2011: carry less baggage. and surprise myself. again.

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