things i love tuesday

a list, with no theme, in no particular order:

  • my mom's twice baked potatoes. i wish i could send one to each and every one of you. they are magically delicious.
  • this skirt.
  • daydreaming about going on photo expeditions to places like this.
  • checking things off the really long to do list. so satisfying.
  • movies. i've been watching a lot of movies this last week. a lot. despicable me, easy a and exit through the gift shop were amongst the favorites.
  • i think you're saucesome and hyperbole and a half. each time i read posts by either of them, i'm reminded why i love the internet.
  • this short film. so pretty.
  • cookies.
  • my dog. and her extreme love of the snow. i'm glad someone in this house isn't miserable about the weather.
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things i love tuesday

a list, in no particular order:

chicken soup

thinking about baking

slouchy knee socks



sunny days


new boots

candy colored jewelry

lost at sea

and fire king mugs


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crush month - day 31 (or all about me)

this summer i've discovered i really, really like myself. i think over the last 10+ years of working at the synnagogue i'd forgotten that. i'd forgotten to take care of myself first - to get a good night's sleep, to exercise, to take time to just relax. my job was all about taking care of hundreds of congregant families, taking care of my staff.

this summer, my first summer that i didn't have to work in 20 years, i've learned that i EXCEL at relaxing. i've slept. a lot. i've baked. a lot. i've learned some new stuff in the kitchen and i've honed my smoothie making skills. i've worked out, and hey, lost a little weight. i've spent some time with friends and seen a bunch of movies. i've taken a good long look at my stuff and gotten rid of things that just don't matter, things i just don't use. i've made some really pretty things and figured out how to make some other stuff. all without much of a plan.

i've always had a plan. always. but right now i don't. i've jumped without a net. its a little scary and kind of awesome. things will work out. they have so far.

its easy to be optimistic on 8 hours of sleep, don't you know?

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crush month - day 30

“scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue.

realize the strength, move on.”  - henry rollins

oh henry. i've had a crush on henry since i was 12. TWELVE. he is the only person i've had a crush on longer than shawn. wicked smart. funny. a well mannered, well spoken potty mouth. a scene stealer in the occasional bad horror movie. i love him.

remember the aforementioned potty mouth? click accordingly.

when searching for that clip, i found this. amanda palmer and henry rollins? two great tastes that taste great together. its 90 minutes well spent.

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crush month - day 29

dear nola,

its been 5 years. 5 years and when going through my pictures for this post i can still feel my heart ache, i can still feel my blood boil. the anger about katrina and fema and brownie and bush is all still there but now there's also bp and new worries about what would happen if a hurricane were to hit. you've come a long way  but you just can't take anymore setbacks.

it feels strange that we haven't seen each other in so long. its been two years. i miss you. more than i can really say.  i miss the smells and the music and the trees and the food. most of all, i miss my friends, who you've taken awfully good care of. we'll just add that to the long list of things i'm thankful to you for.

i haven't forgotten. i won't ever forget. and i'm hopeful we'll see each other again soon.

as always,


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crush month - day 28

the daytonics. they've come a long way since their first show.

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crush month - day 27

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crush month - day 26

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red hair. real or imagined, natural or decidedly not at all, i always think its awesome. lucy (grandma and the other one) had it. i have on and off for 20 years. and now that i've settled back into a red groove, here i will remain.

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crush month - day 25

kateri, with her awesome purple hair and the bluest blue eyes. funny and clever with both the words and the sparkly things. an excellent listener and partner in crime, she is a rock star of a friend and i consider myself lucky to call her my friend.

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