fall tv is helping my art.

so, one of my fellow sacred art artists asked me to participate in a show at morpho gallery. i've had the toughest time getting becoming inspired. i'm stressed out (work). sad (its been almost a year since g-pa died). overwhelmed by the work i need to get done. and really just wanting to hang out with shawn and watch dreams.

finally i seemed to get into the groove. how i managed to get this done while watching studio 60, i'll never know. (and damn did that show ROCK!)


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idle hands

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conjuring inspiration

we went to see the illusionist this afternoon. it was sooooo good. i haven't watched a movie that was so visually inspiring since amelie. so good. and edward norton was soooo dreamy. and rufus sewell, who i normally would trade shawn in for, not so much. the most ridiculous stache i've ever seen. but nevermind the facial hair, it was a beautiful love story, gorgeously made. go now. seriously.

too bad my to do list was as long as my arm and i couldn't work on art.

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the shana show

the opening is over. it went really well - there was a nice crowd, everyone seemed to like my new work and i was feeling generally beloved (and tired.)

so, here's what i've learned (in list form, of course):

#1 - music doesn't always cut it. some time its a bit too distracting. you want to sing along, or worse yet, dance. dancing with adhesive all over your hands, not recommended. same goes for hot beeswax.

#2 - in lieu of music, tv on dvd. something you've seen a million times so you won't need to stop and watch. but i've said it before and i'll say it again, the "play all" option is key. having to start a new episode every 40 minutes can really fuck with a person's flow.

#3 - working under a hard core deadline can be a really good thing. i couldn't overthink anything. i just had to get it done.

#4 - silhouettes are amazing.

#5 - cleaning my studio was like shopping for new art supplies. i had tons of pastels and crayons and paper that i didn't even know about.

#6 - my stuff looks really sweet hung en masse.




but, i'm glad its over...

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weekend in review

i worked on art. i worked on art some more. and some more after that. and even more after that. and then i saw grandma. and went to yarnapalooza, where i was disappointed and bored without a buddy. went to archivers and bought more art supplies to go home and work on art with. went home and worked on art. so tired. so cranky.

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what is wrong with me?

its 3:40 am and i'm still up, working on art. have it hit my head recently. i am not a 4:00 am girl. not unless were in vegas or new orleans and there is a great deal of spirits flowing. AND i just went to suzie's for shawn and his new band, the drunk bastards. that was nice of me. and a little insane. i am, however, just two away from my goal of 50 for this weekend's drop off at sacred art. woo hoo! who am i? woo hoo-ing at 4:00 am!?  here's the problem - no matter what, i'm still a 9:00 am girl.  so, tomorrow, whether i like it or not, my eyes will open, i'll need to pee, and i won't be able to fall back to sleep at or around 9:00. wanna bet?

regardless, i LOVE this piece which i did tonight...


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i haven't run away... yet

i've just been up to my elbows in beeswax working on collages for the sacred art show. i get up, i got to work, i come home, change my clothes and work on art, i stop to eat and maybe pet my dog, i go to bed and it all starts over again. i'm freakin' exhausted. seriously exhausted. i'm not sure how i'm going to get everything done and retain my sanity because i can't continue at my current pace.

the light at the end of the tunnel - i have a gift certificate for a spa day and then there's nola over labor day weekend.

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