color friends

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a big deal

this weekend shawn & i will be selling at crafty wonderland this weekend. one year ago, shawn was in portland finding us a place to live. and then after he'd found our house, he went to crafty wonderland. he spent the entire day there and called me that night SO JAZZED. "best. craft show. EVER," he said. so, i think its pretty awesome that we'll be there. come say hi if you're in portland! 

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the more the merrier

wenceslas barrette & necklace

audacity barrette & bracelet

kateri listed both this necklace and bracelet yesterday and i knew i was going to have to make barrettes to match. so i did. and i know kateri's working on at least one color friend currently. this is fun!


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dr. strangecraft (or how you can learn to stop ______ing and love the craft show)

this guy's philosophy? if you can't beat them, join 'em. no, really.

i grew up at craft shows. while i didn't "do" my first craft show until 2003, my mom had been doing them for years and attending them for years before that. i was a good craft show helper but not a good craft show companion. being a craft show helper meant dollars in my pocket so while i might have preferred to be anywhere but there, there was an incentive. shopping at a craft show was another story. these were not renegade craft style craft shows. these were the geese and potpurri craft shows of the 80s and 90s. it was no good. i was a well behaved child but i was not  happy. my overly dramatic sighs let everyone in my immediate vicinity know this was NOT where i wanted to be. and GOD FORBID my mom ask my opinion of anything she was considering buying. eyerolls and sneers, that's what she got. yeah, i was a fun kid. 

i wanted to be reading. i wanted to be watching kung fu. i wanted to be at the movies with my friends. i wanted to be ANYWHERE but there.

and yes, my mom thinks its hilarious that i'm doing 3 shows in the next three weeks. 

craft shows now are clearly different. with so many people making awesome things for kids, there's PLENTY for them to look at. most new craft shows also have activities for kids and grownups alike. i've only encountered an ill-behaved unhappy child at a craft show once in the past 8 years. he REALLY wanted a lollipop from kateri's booth. his dad told him to just ask for one. he didn't want to ask, he wanted his dad to get it for him. so, this little person went limp, fell to floor and stayed there, pouting. this kid was the clear exception. i LOVE kids at craft shows. kids freak out over everything shawn makes and its adorable. little girls look so excited when they realize that the mirror is there so they can TRY ON FASCINATORS. its fantastic.

i have, however, seen a number of grown-up craft show companions sulk while their friends and significant others browse. you know who i'm talking about. the buzz-kill who stands in the aisle, playing with their phones, counting ceiling tiles, fantastizing about being ANYWHERE but there.

we are busy people and this time of year sometimes we all have to go places and do things that aren't really at the top of our lists of favorite things. sometimes its the only way we can spend time with our friends and significant other is at an outing to a craft show. i get it. but i'd like to make a suggestion or two:

if you REALLY want to go to Urban Craft Uprising or Renegade this weekend and this isn't your significant other's cup o' tea, go by yourself. if your friend isn't really into handmade, meet them for coffee after the show. you will have more fun solo than if you're with someone who doesn't want to be there. at my last show, there was a woman who was on her own. her friend, who "doesn't get why handmade is cool" bailed on her last minute and she decided to come anyway. she was giddy. she said she was able to spend as much time as she wanted and didn't have to worry about anyone poo-pooing her shopping decisions. 

if you REALLY don't want to go to a craft show this weekend but can't seem to get out of it, its not so bad. really, its not. people everywhere are making amazing things. really and truly. stop and take a look around. i challenge you to find at least one thing you really like. i'm betting you'll find more. and plus, you're making someone you love happy by being there. where's the bad in that?

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gifts for the sparkle/cute/bird lover in your life!

the shop is chock full of pretty things. there are new necklaces, adorable wooly birds, rings, brooches and oodles more. i recently had a customer tell me that cookoorikoo items make the best gifts. i agree! and i'm offering free shipping all weekend to encourage you to give cookoorikoo this holiday seaseon! xo

garden time bracelet/watch

queen of hearts ring

wrist cozies

fleur brooch

scrappy silk bird ornament

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things i love tuesday

good gravy, i forgot how much i LOVE making these birds!

there's standing birds and smaller ornament birds in the shop!

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things i love tuesday (accidental color friends)

my holiday barrette and kateri's roman candle bracelet. i think they are begging to be worn with a dress like this. just sayin' 

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back in stock

i made some time to make some things that have been missing from the shop for a long, long time.

its been almost two years since i've had any new ones in the shop but wristwarmers are back! they're made from thrifted then felted sweaters, embellished with yoyos and some embroidery. i made the very first pair for my cold handed best friend and they were such a hit i made more. i'm not entirely sure why they fell by the wayside because they're pretty and i love making them. they will definitely be sticking around through the colder months to come!

something else that i stopped making for awhile was these sweet little flower post earrings. they're adorable and fun to make, piling bits on top of bits until they're "done." totally satisfying. totally cute. i'm guessing they're here to stay as well!

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color friends

champagne supernova necklace / loft earrings

natalie brought it to our attention - my necklace and kateri's earrings worked perfectly together. she'd worn the two pieces pictured above and received many, many compliments. then morgan, a good customer and friend, tweeted this:

this made kateri and i endlessly happy. we spent a couple of years worth of saturday nights, hanging out at my house, watching movies and making things. we would save pieces that were giving us trouble during the week to show the other. we would gather stacks of supplies and hope that the idea fairy would stop for a visit. most saturdays she did. and more often than not the things we made were quite complimetary.


tea cake bracelet / old rose barrette

this has been a hard part of living 2000 miles away from one another. no more saturday nights. occasionally we'll have saturday night on the phone, watching a movie (or two) while making things and chatting. its not the same though. obviously. we can't see what the other is working on. we can't hold something up and say, "what's wrong with this?" even so, we're making it work.

despite the distance, there are still times it happens totally on accident. i just noticed these two pieces in someone's favorites next to one another. you'd think we'd planned it but no, they're just color friends.


apple picking necklace / autumn nocturne earrings

and sometimes we make things that go together totally on purpose. because that's what color friends do.


autumn bloom necklace / autumn bloom earrings


quarry necklace / quarry barrette


fawn barrette / fawn necklace

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the blog...

is growing moss its so neglected. i've been busy. there've been shows, lunches and birthdays with friends, lots of bike rides and cooking, and the neverending work to do list. it true. but its also true there have been times i could've blogged and i didn't. every moment i've spent NOT doing something, i've wanted to be MAKING SOMETHING. i don't know if its october and the colors or that i have more to time to sew at night, which is my favorite time to sew, because of the longer nights, but the ideas just keep coming. i've used pieces of broken vintage jewelry that have sat in my stash for years because i finally had the perfect idea for them. i've made things in color combos that feel very new to me. and that's just it - everything seems new. i'm seeing possibility everywhere and right now, i just want to enjoy it without giving it more thought than i have here, right now.

so, this week i'll probably post for autumn colour week because well, duh. next week, we'll just have to see what happens.

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