hey universe,

cookoorikoo can be found in three new brick & mortar stores.

i've shipped many pixelparty orders and have made a pixelparty to do list. stars are on their way.

a friend thought getting sweaty at tap class with kirsten & i sounded like a fun way to spend her birthday. 

my friends shared some really great favorite words with me.

my friends are very funny. 

my parents sent an early birthday gift. a hammock. 

i got a really great letter.

i have blue jeans that fit. 

i've gotten some editing done.

i've gotten back in the habit of running.

i had a very big idea for another book and then possibly two more. 

i have fallen back in love with making yoyos.

shawn. he's great.

old friends have been on my mind. that's been nice. and maybe a little sad.

either way, i'm feeling incredibly grateful.

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texture and light

our friend polly took this picture. shawn & i have both posted it everywhere we can post it. we both really love this picture. really, really. really. no, really.

we were sad when our friend johnny died and then stunned when monkey died when shawn was in chicago for johnny's funeral. that sucked. add to that some professional floundering on both our parts and its been a really rough spring. i absolutely love making things but i also want more time to write. shawn liked the company he was consulting for but wasn't liking the work anymore. we both were feeling busy and overwhelmed. we needed the weekend away.  we needed a freakin' break. 

we've both recently started to come out of the fog of this spring. a new gig recently fell into his lap and he's really happy with it. work isn't seeming so torturous for him right now and that's nice to see. i also realized (after he told me so about a dozen times) that i just need to make time to write; i'm in control. that's a scary but good realization to have.

by the time this picture was taken sunday morning, we'd fully relaxed into vacation mode. we were both feeling happy and good. i think that's pretty obvious from this picture. well, for me it is. i'm not real sure what exactly is happening with shawn but its giving me the giggles.

we went to SFMOMA last friday. there was an garry winogrand retrospective. they were playing a video of an old bill moyers special about him. while being interviewed, garry winogrand says something about pointing his camera at texture and light and hoping for the best; that sometimes its about luck. i don't know. i'm feeling pretty lucky to be me, to have this life with all its choices and to have had a moment of that captured. although i'm pretty sure polly knew exactly what she was doing and that it wasn't just luck.

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things have been busy. we had crafty wonderland last weekend and donovan was in town. there was a great deal of eating, drinking and being merry. tomorrow, we go on vacation. we're heading to san francisco for a long weekend. no actual work; possibly even no phone or computer. we haven't had a break from everything in a very long time. so, if you don't hear from me anywhere on the internet for the next few days, you know why.

see you later, alligators!

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happy mother's day!

love you and miss you, mom! xo

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dear universe,

things got ugly on the internet this week. ugly and mean. the steubenville verdict was announced and things went a little bat shit crazy. trolls EVERYWHERE. i spent a bunch of time yelling at my computer screen on monday. sometime that afternoon i decided to take an internet break because otherwise i was going to lose all faith in humanity.  i did my shop update and then vanished. i made things, did some cleaning, hung out with monkey. it was good. all that time i was thinking about writing a blog post about it. i spoke to monkey about it at great length. (shush. shawn's out of town and anyone who works at home knows that talking to your pets is totally normal behavior.) then, she died.

well, shit.

i started getting messages in all the ways one can send messages these days. old friends, new friends, family, former co-workers... someone from just about every part of my life appeared to say how very sorry they were, sincerely. a friend sent flowers. another friend dropped off flowers and cards her daughters made. so very nice. tonight there was a knock at the door. it was mars from lovebomb gogo, the marching band shawn is in. he hugged me and handed me a bouquet of flowers from the band.

why am i telling you all of this, universe? well, i'm deeply humbled. the universe is actually a really nice place filled with really kind people. no matter how shitty this week was, i appreciate the reminder. things are still hard but it has made it a great deal easier.



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for all you wonder women out there

(via lucky jackson)

yeah, you know who you are. happy international women's day! keep kicking ass!

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a beautiful day

its been a crazy couple of weeks. busier than i would've imagined for february but here we are. days off when you work for yourself are few and far between but i took one today. i woke up to sunshine and went for a long run. i had my massage therapist beat the crap out of me. i had another quick appointment and when i was leaving that i saw the sweetest, most tender, public display of affection i've ever seen. 

i came home for a quick breather and food, snuggled monkey a bit and then went on a walk around my neighborhood with jenna, hunting urban wildlife. she and i have been trying to do this forever. we couldn't have picked a more perfect day. 60-ish and so very sunny. signs of spring everywhere we looked. not to mention the lovely company. jenna's great and watching her do thing is awesome. she gets all up in those plastic animals' business. it was really fun to watch.

we met kateri at the house and all went to see ruby play basketball. you haven't lived until you've watched first and second graders play basketball. no, really. we all smiled and laughed the entire game. ruby made a (coach assisted) basket and looked so happy. so happy. 

we finished the night with cocktails and stories. perfection.

when i returned home, i looked at my work tray and the necklace in progress and decided to leave it until tomorrow. it was a fantastic day off. 

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these two

i'll tell ya. they were cracking me up. all. day. long.

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sunday nights

as long as i can remember, i've disliked sunday nights. i feel restless, a little anxious. i don't like going out on sunday nights but i always stay up too late. i think it started when i was having a difficult time in junior high. sunday nights meant the end of my respite and i'd have to face the horrors of eighth grade on monday morning. so, i tried to stretch the evening out as far as i could. i noticed this again when i was working at the synagogue. i got mad at shawn once for buying tickets to see BR-549 on a sunday night. it was, i will admit now, a fantastic show but i'm pretty sure i tried to pout through it. i was reluctant to give up any of my time on sunday nights because who knew what the next five days would hold.

sometimes sunday nights still bug me. its silly since all my time is mine now but it happens. i think the many years of loathing sunday nights left a mark. i'm sure it'll eventually go away.

over the last few months i've spent more than a few sunday nights writing letters. that seems to combat any itchy feelings and seems to be the perfect way to start my week. that's what i did tonight. i wrote a few thank you notes, a couple of responses to more recent letters and wrote one very long overdue letter. it was great. i'm going to try to make it a weekly thing. maybe then i can actually stay on top of my mail. 

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2012 is dead, long live 2012

1. kateri's

so, that happened and i've wanted to write about it since i mailed the last one out. by that time, it had become clear that "everything," however positive my intentions meant EVERYTHING. there were deaths and illness, setbacks and a few broken hearts. but there were also engagements, births, weddings, new love, new jobs... one thing is certain - it was a big, weird year for just about everyone i know. it just all seemed so complicated and whenever i sat down to write i got stuck.

2. kerry's

for us shamptons,  2012 has been awesome. shawn's in two bands - the harvey girls and lovebomb gogo. i don't think he could be happier (or busier.) i wrote a book and have plans to write at least two more. that's in addition to working a ton, going on some adventures, and facing a few road blocks. last week, i was on the phone with a friend i hadn't talked to in a few months. we were catching up. she told me that hearing about my year was exhausting, in the best possible way. i understood. i can't really wrap my head around my 2012 entirely.

 3. diane's

i decided the year was ending and i had to finally write this post but that i didn't need to overthink it to much. i decided saying, "so that happened,"  was kind of enough. i don't need to wax on. there isn't time. 2013 starts soon.

this one was made to replace one that got lost in the mail. i added the "and beyond" because it was mailed in the late summer. 

i started planning for 2013 in august. i, of course, did not start embroidering until this week. i am not too worried. i'm only making 12 this year. well, 13. would you believe of the 63 i made that year that i didn't keep on for myself last year? of course you would. SIXTY THREE. my original limit was 20, then 25, then 50. so anyway, 12 of these will arrive in mailboxes in the next couple of week.


like last year, you can make your own. the pattern is here as well as some pictures of last year's in their new homes. i'll be adding pictures to the set throughout the year and would love to add yours if you end up making one!

happy 2013, ya'll. its your lucky year!

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