miss sixty

i have a picture of my mom that i love. not the one above although that one is pretty great too. anyway, the picture i am speaking of is from when i was little, maybe 4 or 5. we were at the lake with close family friends. mom was stepping out of a camper and making a face at the photographer that says "i will CUT YOOOOOOOU!" her hair is back under a bandana but down, the ends flipping just above her shoulders. she's wearing a shirt that i actually wore for years, many, many years later. i swiped it without her permission ages ago and made copies of, much to her chagrin. it is honestly my favorite picture of her. she is adorable and you can just tell by looking at this picture how funny she is. i love it.

she has made me PROMISE to never, ever post this picture on the internet. i won't. especially not today. because TODAY is her sixieth birthday. happy birthday, mom!

how am i old enough to have a sixty year old mom? how did that happen? my mom has always been so young.

i remember when my grandma turned sixty. she looked old. she was always awesome but she did, she looked old. especially since my grandpa never seemed to age. mom definitely took after him. 

so, mom, happy birthday! i'm not going to embarrass you on the internet today. i know you said no gifts but i figure you're probably ok with this one - and the one that will be arriving in the mail soon! i love and miss you and wish i was going to be there for dinner tonight!

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saturday in the park

this is andrew, mara, maddie and ruby. yesterday, i got to hang with mara & ruby while their parents, bettie and matt shot a wedding. a few hours into the day, andrew and maddie's mom, emily, called and said she needed to get her kids outside and quick. it was serendipitous since i was already at the park with ruby & mara. so, they came and met us. we had a picnic and soaked in the sunshine. there was a great deal of time spent on the merry go round, tire swing and the super tall curly slide that looked just like the one i used to play on when i was their age. i'd be lying if i told you that all this fun didn't leave me with some sore muscles today. it was worth it.

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how does your garden grow?

it was kind of a crazy busy week. we were trying to get back into the swing of things after being away for a week plus we decided it was really time to plant the garden - because we didn't already have a ton to do. as anyone who has planted a garden can tell you, its kind of a huge project. add to that the fact that garden in the pacific northwest is entirely different from chicago - i mean how do you cope with rain all but a few months a year where it TOTALLY STOPS RAINING? well, i found this book to be awfully helpful while we were trying to figure it all out.

so, we're mostly done with the planting portion. we planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, basil, kale, chard, spinach, beets, lettuce, zucchini and pumpkins. there are also pots of mint, cilantro, dill and strawberries. exciting.

why is it i always forget that gardening works muscles that nothing else does. the pain i'm feeling today will be entirely worth it though when i eat the first sun-warmed tomato right off the vine. there's nothing better.

except for maybe peonies bigger than my face.

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friday friends

this is donovan. she is one of my most favorite people in the world and this is my favorite picture of her. she just came to portland for crafty wonderland and stayed with us. when i got up in the morning, this is how i found her. when i left the room for a moment and returned this is how i found her. the stack of mail she sent from portland was impressive. it makes sense. she co-founded the letter writers alliance with another friend, kathy. they are passionate about getting people to write more letters. pretty effing great. additionally:

  • she really loves halloween
  • she works at both a comic book store and a stationery store part time, on top of her day job.
  • she knows her zombies.
  • she was a part of a grandma club for awhile. she still does many grandmotherly activities but doesn't update that blog any longer.
  • now she has a blog that, well, causes me clap almost every time she posts. it makes me so happy. she hasn't posted in a bit but she will be back and really, there's a lot in the archive to keep you busy.
  • she knows a lot about a lot. i once tweeted a very blurry picture of a bird with a vague description and she figured it out.  
  • she and kathy also started 16 sparrows. this is my favorite card they make.
  • she is fun to drink with. we had many beers together the day this picture was taken and went to powell's books, the photobooth at the ace hotel and to voodoo donuts. it was a spectacularly good and giggly day.

she's a grown up girl scout turned humble superhero and i love her to bits. 

in her honor, i'm going to pop open a beer and write a letter.

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and it was good.

so, a week happened. you know, like they do. i posted here on monday and then tuesday happened. wednesday after that. before you know it, here we are. its sunday again and i'm thinking about what i'm going to post for music monday, what my workload looks like and hoping that this week is a little less crazy than last week. 

i don't know if it was tax day or some new projects we're both working on or what, but we had an off week.

yeah, there won't be a saturday stats post for this week because i didn't keep track of anything i did all week. i ate like crap, i barely exercised, i worked my ass off. come friday i realized i hadn't blogged all week. i'll do it tomorrow, i thought. 

saturday we woke up to bright blue skies and warmish air. so, we: 

  • went to the farmers' market
  • grabbed a beer and salad at deschutes
  • went to 360 records and jackpot for record store day
  • wandered a bit at cargoh
  • met up with emily and her small people at the mellow mushroom
  • stopped by the twilight rummage sale 

it was a really good, really long day. by the time i sat down to watch a movie and get some work done, i didn't really feel like working. so, i didn't. i'd be lying if i told you i didn't have to argue with myself a bit. a few yoyos when i'd taken the WHOLE DAY OFF were no big deal. hardly like work... one short blog post and maybe pull a few things for bracelets, easy peasy... and on and on. in the end, i went with the voice reminding me that it was 9:00 on a saturday night and that was allowed to take the whole day and night off if i wanted. so, i did. 

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we slept in a bit today. that was a nice start to a day filled with the smell of freshly cut grass, yoyos, photos, soup and work around the house. many things were checked off the list. i can go to bed with my book guilt-free.

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that's what today was. a celebration of shawn coming home, of 150 daffodils, and a bag full of sparkly things. a celebration with pizza and beer. of bare pasty white legs seeing the light of day. of walks on bridges. of cherry blossoms and dog walks. and of sunshine, big beautiful sunshine.

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friday friends

if you've read my blog at all since we've moved to portland, you probably recognize emily. she was, after all, one of the first new friends i made here. 

she is funny, smart, a perfect model for fancy hair things, enthusiastic about almost any and everything, and just generally awesome. i saw her last night and was reminded of how great she is. thanks to twitter for allowing us to find one another. thanks to emily for making me be her friend. it was a good plan.

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in between days

some days it rains and rains. and then it rains some more. the sun is nowhere to be found. i just want to go for a bike ride or take monkey for a really long walk and its just in the cards. this wouldn't be so terrible if the rest of the country wasn't experiencing an early, and shockingly summer-like, spring. it is, after all, march.

some days, i remember that march is hard. and some days i can remind myself that its over half over.

some days i also remember that mercury is in retrograde. that doesn't help much since it doesn't end until some time in april. 

some days i'm stressed out. there's too much work, too much worry, too many miscommunications. since the rain, march and mercury in retrograde were already making me blue, i feel worse.

some days, nothing i make looks right. this makes me feel even worse.

then on other days, it seems like its going to be another one of those days but somehow i right the ship. i accomplish some pretty big items on my to do list. i have some great ideas for things to make. a happy surprise shows up in my blog reader.


another day happens. many more items get checked off the list. the sun comes out and blazes gloriously throughout the day. we go for a walk. its all good. so good, in fact, that those other days seem like a distant memory.

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flashback friday

these pictures were taken in 2002, when we spent 5 or 6 days in capri. shawn saw a picture of the blue grotto a few months before and said, "we're going HERE." i said ok, because what would you say? it looks magical.

our hotel was right on the water, right across from where you could charter a boat to take you to the blue grotto. boats just weren't going. conditions were dangerous. it was late fall, the weather was stormy and the tide was high. every morning we would get up and walk out onto our balcony to check the charter boat signs. it was the second to last morning and we were beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. we lucked out.

so, the boat captain told us he was taking us about 100 meters from the grotto opening where we'd be met by a line of row boats. we'd climb into a row boat and then lay down until we were inside the blue grotto. we are very nervous and so excited in these pictures. but we managed to do it without falling in or capsizing our rowboat. once inside, it really was magical. 

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