tips for a very good day

  • wake up after having gained an hour of sleep.
  • wake up to a crisp, cool fall day with a big, bright blue sky


  • make heart shaped pancakes for your husband.*
  • spend some time with your wacky grandma who is entirely to easily amused by sparkly nailpolish.
  • go to the craft store, buy everything that was on your list despite the fact that you left said list at home.
  • actually accomplish something on your to do list.
  • watch good tv.
  • have a cookie.

*shawn crawled back into bed after breakfast explaining that i had "dianed" him. (diane is my mom. she has a reputation for spooning food onto your plate when your not looking and if logistically this isn't possible she wil intimidate you into eating more. a meal with my mother is only complete with a food coma.) and then he said that he couldn't not eat the 4th heart shaped pancake i had put on his plate. that would've been wrong and he would have been in violation of rule #326. (rule# 326 being that refusal to eat something heartshaped is grounds for divorce.) he's so cute. except for when his kiss makeup is MELTING off his face.

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we all love lucy

yesterday was gram's 84th birthday. and in light of the fact that a few months ago we didn't think she'd make it to 84, it seems downright miraculous. it actually makes me so happy i think my heart could burst. plus, how cute is she?


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lottery winner

no one is luckier than me on the friend front. i have been blessed repeatedly. cheryl. teena. lynn. caroline. davey. syndy & colleen... i could go on.

and now i've found out that syndy & colleen are moving few mere miles from us. how great is that?

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my heart is singing (youth gone wild)

#1 - the weird dream seemed to have brightened my morning by forcing me to grab skid row's slave to the grind from the cd shelf. i admit i am not normally a metal girl. but there was a time... anyway, my forays into metal now are strictly of the aerosmith/ac/dc/classic rock variety. but i was in the mood - a dream with sebastian bach will do that. and it was most excellent.

#2 - i received this im from colleen...
[12:03] tigerPupp44:'s colleen
[12:03] tigerPupp44: we sold our house
[12:03] tigerPupp44: here we come
[12:04] shanalah18: OH MY GOD!!! when are you coming back?!!!?
[12:04] shanalah18: that's so exciting
[12:04] tigerPupp44: 45 days or less
[12:04] shanalah18: i'm practically squealing!

#3 - then i got this im from shawn...
[12:12] shawn: want more happy?
[12:12] shawn: visit the shit factory :)

#4 - and then this im from shawn...
[12:17] shawn: even more happiness
[12:17] shawn: Yanni Lolis to Shawn I am so sorry- I will be paying you in person- I will be in Chicago the end of this week-

#5 - i am carrying my finally finished nappy bag. and it is a thing of beauty.


#6 - i booked my flight to nola last week. i see teena in 24 days!

oh happy day!

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a beautiful day part deux

hollis and i went to the country living fair at the botanic gardens today. it was such a crisp blue and gold fall day, i felt like i'd died and gone to heaven. the fair was pretty great. met the owner of left bank. i think she and i may be a good match, product-wise. also met betz white. and let me tell you, those cupcake pincushions are to die for. also met the creator of the most inspiring artwork i've seen in ages. no joke.

and a really nice woman with really great letterpress cards and stuff. we ate taffy apples. drank root beer. and just enjoyed the day.

when i came home, shawn was nice enough to run to the grocery store for us - saving me the trip. i sewed some more. so happy. another in town bag.


by the time shawn got home i was in such a delightful mood that i think i was scaring shawn. happy shana is a rarity. i had NOTHING to complain about.

and now, we're settled in to watch the two towers. shawn is going to attempt cheesy potato cakes and i've got a new sewing book to inspire me.

oh happy day!

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a beautiful day

6:40-alarm goes off. i let monkey out and crawl back into bed, taking pleasure in knowing i don't have to go to work.
7:45 - throw on clothes. run brush through hair.
7:55 - go to breakfast with shawn at wishbone. crunchy french toasty goodness.
9:10 - drop shawn at work. he's so cute.
10:00 - stop by mom's.
11:00 - go to grandma's.
12:15 - go to resale shop at harlem and touhy. find lots of old pics, some gifts and some truly amazing old nola postcards.
1:00 - arrive at home. start sewing curtains.
4:00 - hang curtains.


4:30 - dye hair.
5:00 - shower.
6:45 - go to reception at morpho gallery.
7:30 - attempt to go to dinner in lincoln square. no parking. pout.
8:15 - eat hungry howies at home.
8:45 - start sewing again. headbands now.
9:30 - go show davey & shawn my new headband. end up doing a flaming dr. pepper.
10:30 - start sewing again. an in town bag in sunbloom. mmmmm.
1:00 - finished bag. i made this.


1:30 - fell asleep on couch.

pictures forthcoming...

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cranky no more

a flipped was switched and the clouds parted. i am no longer the crankiest girl in puppetland.

i overslept. no problem. still got ready on time. i didn't however pay any attention to what i was actually dressing myself in and as a result look a little like an oompa loompa. its ok though, i'm comfy. mmmms, corduroys and sandals - my favorite time of year.

my sewing machine is fixed and ready to be picked up. hooray! i'm taking a much needed day off on friday and plan on sewing most of the day. hooray again!

lost is on tonight. tv was great last night.

its warmish and stormy. big thunder. very soothing.

shawn must've crushed some zen into my pizza margarita last night because i'm just loving life.

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inexplicable confetti

i love my friends. they make me laugh. they do things like this and make me miss them. we've been talking about a crawfish playing a washboard for months.

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off to see the wizard

i'll be disappearing into the heat and humidity of new orleans in a few hours, not to be heard of until monday night. in the meantime, enjoy the last gasps of summer...

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