wednesday words

kerfuffle. a fuss; commotion. a brouhaha.

(thanks to everyone who told me their favorite words on instagram, facebook and twitter. this is the first of many, many words that i'll be embroidering from your suggestions. keep them coming!)

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wednesday words

what's your favorite word?

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wednesday words

petrichor. a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

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about last night

i recently emailed kateri and said "the moth story slam is coming up. the theme is fathers. god help me, i may try to tell a story."

i have a really great story about my (step)dad and his extreme awesomeness.

earlier this year, we went to the story slam in seattle and they were begging people to sign up to tell stories. i may have done it that night if i'd had time to think of a story or, you know, drink all the booze. a friend told me that they'd also run short on storytellers at the ones in portland. i felt like my chances were good.

as i said, i have a great story. i practiced it a couple of times. i knew that no matter how much i practiced, if they pulled my name i was going to freak out and probably talk too fast. nothing to be done about that. i was ready to do this thing. finally.

last night, i put on a cute dress, my favorite giant ass kicking shoes, managed some pretty good hair and went to pick up kateri. she questioned me on ways she could help. did i want a shot right before? no? was i sure? yes. 

we arrived. i filled out the release form and we grabbed seats. we were there early so i had a lot of time to freak out. but i actually wasn't freaking out that bad. yet.

the show started and i just kept thinking, "i don't want to go first. i don't want to go first." i didn't get picked first, or second... by the ninth person, i was so stressed out from not getting picked that i couldn't even clap for him. and he was great. he actually won. sorry dude, i would've clapped but i was having an epic tantrum on the inside. what does a girl who is trying to conquer her stupid fear of talking in front of large groups got to do to tell a story around here? i mean really. 

before they announced the winner, they called the five or six people (whose names didn't get pulled) up to deliver the first line of their stories. so, i got in line. time to freak out. and sweat. like, within moments of stepping into that line, i was drenched and smelled real pretty. but then it was my turn and i stepped up to the mike and said my eleven words.  i caused a tiny gasp. i smiled and exited stage left. i even descended the stage without tripping on my platform shoes. it was a pretty proud moment for me.

kateri even took a picture.



and no. i'm not telling you the line. its sort of horrific and needs the larger story. also, i think i'm going to write the whole thing down and send it to him for father's day.

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what i've been reading

the knife of never letting go by patrick ness

bettie enthusiastically recommend this to me and i'm glad i listened. if you like dystopian thrillers, you'll love it. 

the sky is everywhere by jandy nelson

i'm sorry. (not really.) its another book about a grieving teenager. apparently sad young adult books were a big part of my coping mechanism this spring. lennie's sister passes away suddenly and she's left rudderless, trying navigate the world without her. she lives with her eccentric grandmother and pot smoking horticulturalist uncle. they're all a little lost but they have each other and they eventually figure it all out. i cried. a lot. still not really sorry.

the other typist by suzanne rindell

i sort of hated this book. i've put it here to solicit your opinions if you've read it. its gotten a ton of good reviews and i can't figure out if i'm missing something.

and here's the current library pile:

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wednesday words

velleity. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

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We have a mouse. Or rather, we had a mouse. This is the first time we've been petless in 18 years so of course we had a mouse. Of course. Springmaus.

We discovered the mouse two days ago. Shawn was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, talking to me in the living room. Mid-sentence he stopped speaking and got this look that I'd never seen but let me tell you I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd followed it up with man screams. He looked FREAKED. A mouse had run from the bedroom into the kitchen and disappeared. So we did some poking around and some cleaning. We set traps. We were jumpy. I was extra jumpy.

When I was in high school, I rolled my eyes at my stepfather who was terrified at the sight of his first mouse. "he's more afraid of you than you are of him," I said. Where was that girl? I wondered. I was opening the pantry door and thought, really, what are you really afraid of?

Then I thought of possibly the silliest thing ever. A silly thing that kept rattling around in my head until after we heard the trap snap.

He had to go but he left me with a really great idea for a short story. I haven't written one in about 12 years. I'm excited. Thanks, Springmaus Deadmaus. I'm sorry it had to end the way it had to end. We won't miss you.

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wednesday words

i loved this book. the main character, wren, survives a car accident in which her boyfriend dies. she struggles with how to move on and retreats to her father's house deep in the woods of the northeast to try to get a grip. its a quiet book, much like the forest in winter, but packs a punch. 

occasionally, my inner 13 year old forces me to read a true crime novel. they are almost entirely unsatisfying. when i first read about people who eat darkness, i was certain this book was different. it was. a page turner from the introduction on, it tells the story of lucie blackman, a young woman who disappears in tokyo in 2000. i don't know that i can recommend it just because true crime really isn't for everyone but i definitely enjoyed it (but was glad when the book was over.)

flappers, the supernatural, speakeasies, murders, and the museum of creepy crawlies. i loved this book. kind of a lot.


i started this last night and stayed up way too late reading. 20 years after tara martin disappears, she knocks on her parents door on christmas day, looking barely a day older than when she left. those she left behind, particularly her brother and her ex-boyfriend, wrestle with her story that she rode off on a white horse and all the accompanying emotions her reappearance creates. i really can't wait to see how this ends.

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on the run

my usual running route takes me past a house where a handsome, old yellow lab lives. he hangs out on the porch while someone in the house plays piano. when i first started running, i'd turn the corner that he lives at and greet him, sitting on the porch, watching the world. "hi, dog," i'd say as i ran by. his eyes followed me but he barely even raised his head. then one day he did. "hi, dog." soon after, he stood up. "hi, dog." a week later he stood up and wagged his tail. now, about 3 houses before i turn in front of his house, just as i start to hear the piano coming from inside the house, i see him amble toward the fence. once i reach his yard, he runs along side me. "bye, dog." 

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wednesday words

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."
 - Dolly Parton

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