let's do lunch

so, i traded my new friend allison a mushroom purse for an octopus lunch bag.

i've had it for a couple of weeks now and i'm here to tell you - it has changed my life. i want to bring lunch everyday. honestly, this little canvas bag makes me so happy that i can't help but want to carry it everyday. so, i cheerfully pack my lunch every morning filling this sweet little bag with healthy treats. jimmy johns never even crosses my mind. seriously.

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a little clive will do ya

i'm having a rough morning. things are crazy at work.  i'm stressed to my breaking point. so, while sitting on hold i decided to let my mind wander and take a blog break. i stumbled upon this.  thanks clive, you're icy blue eyes have allowed me to chill.

and for all you clive lovers out there, there was also a really nice piece in the nyt about him.

back to my regularly scheduled, stressful work day.

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maybe sparrow

when i was at syndy's on saturday, we listened to fox confessor. i don't know what it is about that album but i hear it once and i can listen to nothing but that for the next week. to say i don't know what it is isn't entirely true. there are so many things about it that i love that its hard to point to one thing. it reminds me of how i felt the first time i read in watermelon sugar. that teenage feeling makes my toes tingle. maybe sparrow is one of my most favorite songs to sing in the car. other songs are a kick to the gut. regardless, its all i've listened to this week.

and its making me really happy that shawn pre-ordered the new new pornagraphers.

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alistair mcgowan. that doesn't really sound like a crushable name. it sound sound like an old wizened man, possibly in a kilt. but no, he's not. he's gil mayo, star of my new television obsession. he's odd looking. and smarmy. but damn. seriously.




and if you haven't seen gil mayo, i highly recommend it. its like moonlighting meets scooby doo. sexual tension and ridiculous hijinks.  plus you get to gaze upon this man's weirdly attractive nose for an hour. how could that be a bad thing?

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last chance

cheryl & i are going to go to barnes and noble tonight to get our copies of harry potter. i haven't done the midnight thing for any of the other books. earlier this week i knew i had to. last chance, you know?

i finished #6 last night at about 1:30. i forgot what a kick to the gut it was. dumbledore?!? how on earth am i going to get through 700-odd pages without dumbledore? its unimaginable. but yet, in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, i will be doing it. and facing the very real possibility that more of these characters i've grown to love will die.

so, yes, i will be at barnes and noble tonight. i will wait in line with my wristband. i will pay for my copy. and i just know i will hug it to my chest. and then i'll race home, take a deep breathe and start reading. if you don't hear from me for a couple days, you'll know why. and if fred and george die, it'll be even longer.

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i hate when i glance at my blog and find a typo. it annoys the crap out of me. after all, i'm a reasonably intelligent girl. i always did well in english. so, what the hell is my problem? grrrrrr.

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when you're feeling sinister

bake... that's what i do.



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what i did during bonnaroo

shawn went on his own this year. its just too costly for both of us to go every year. well, it wouldn't be if it was our VACATION. but its not and now that we've set our sites on istanbul, pennies much be pinched. so...

i saw my parents and grandma. i refashioned 3 shirts, sewed up one dress, and cut two skirts. i didn't sleep because monkey doesn't like it when both her peeps aren't home. i watched 17 movies and developed a raging new celebrity crush. i was fairly antisocial - obviously. i was at one with my only child self, happily amusing myself. i mean, how could i not be happy while making this...

its part of my anniversary girl for shawn. its made out of one of my favorite old moth eaten sweaters that i felted. 7 years is wool so it seemed fitting.

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be like water

the other day i was reading one of my new favorite blogs, crafty ginger. the post was all about life and disappointment and finding balance and happiness. she quoted bruce lee, "be formless... shapeless, like water. if you put water into a cup, it
becomes the cup. you put water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. you put it into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. water can flow, and it
can crash. be like water, my friend..." the whole post and the bruce lee quote in particular have stuck with me.

as i've gotten older, i've gotten much better at going with the flow. i've been working at a job that has forced this shift within me. its a hard job, a job i love but a hard job nonetheless. i'd lose my mind if i couldn't go with the flow. but i still have my moments: when grandpa was dying; when grandma's not doing great; when things get out of control at work; when i have inexplicable headaches for two weeks straight... my job is why i started crafting. i needed an outlet. something that would allow me to empty my mind of b'nai mitzvah dates and funeral arrangements.  i can put all of that energy into the artwork, the purse, the necklace...

i make stuff. things sell. and they don't. its slow. and it can be rewarding. and frustrating.  but i won't stop. the process sustains me. it allows me to be like water.

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i thought this one was kind of interesting...

james brown or marvin gaye?
otis redding, thanks.

chinese or indian takeout? indian is something i adore but never eat due to digestive squeamishness. so, chinese although i'd prefer thai.

fleece or knitted blanket? a few months ago i'd have said knitted (or crocheted) but since shawn bought me a slanket i can't get enough of its fleecy goodness.

girls with makeup or without? both. i'd say i'm often startled by how amazing most girls can look without it, i'm just not one of those girls. so, whatever floats your boat.

costco or whole foods? whole foods, especially since they just opened a super fancy one by our house. and super fancy by whole foods standards knocks my socks off. i can't buy everyday groceries there though - we'd be broker than broke.

wildflowers or arrangements? flowers just make me happy, no matter what kind.

tradition or shakeups? i am a fan of the tried and true but i also love me some change.

cello or trumpet? trumpet.

watch-wearing or no?
i own watches. i just don't wear them. ever.

salt water or fresh (for swimming)?
salt water.

pants or shorts? jeans. i don't own shorts. they are eeeeeeee-vil. and i've seriously considered getting rid of all my pants.

chatspeak or absolutely NOT? not really.

digital camera or old-school? digital. all my other cameras are broken.

wireless or plugged in? wireless.

waltz or tango? waltz.

brian williams or anderson cooper? anderson cooper. i liked him before katrina but his katrina coverage made me adore him.

time or newsweek? neither.

waterbed or mattress? mattress. waterbeds

cream and sugar or not? cream. cafe au lait please?

CNN or BBC News? BBC.

iTunes or something else? iTunes.

scented candles or unscented? right now scented. most of the time i think they smell like ass but i recently discovered a pear scented candle that i love. i don't know where it came from so when its gone i'll go back to unscented. 

prairie or mountain? mountains.

socks or barefoot? barefoot. i loathe shoes and socks.

matt damon or ben affleck?
matt damon. unless we're talking ben affleck in chasing amy and ONLY chasing amy.

brass or pewter? lame choice.

wool or cotton? cotton. 

willow tree or pine? willow tree.

gerald ford or jimmy carter? jimmy carter.

france or italy? italy.

electric or gas stove? gas.

thrift store or outlet? thrift store. i've rediscovered my love for thrifting.

japanese garden or english garden? english. the colors make my heart sing.

sophia loren or liz taylor? who is hotter than sophia loren?

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