as far as colors go, yellow is the tippity top of my happy making list. find more happy here.

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tuesday's color is green, my favorite color, primarily because it is the color of moss. i love moss in an unnatural way. there's a flower shop, my favorite flower shop. its dark and green and mossy and i'm pretty sure that its what the inside of my brain looks like. oh lordy, i love green. i would seriously wear green EVERY SINGLE DAY if i could. 

maybe with a little pink from time to time.


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once upon a time, i hated pink. i hated it because my mom loved it and loved me in it. i hated it because i only wore black. i hated it because i believed people when they said redheads shouldn't wear pink. now, i LOVE it. i wear it all the time. i think i look good in it and i convince other people that pink is their friend, too. i rejoice when i see pictures like these and i'm convinced pink is THE spring colour

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girl of the forest (or an exciting new obsession)

something popped up in my blog read today that looked interesting. valley of the (living) dolls: mori fashion, ureya girls and escapism. so i clicked.

i love fashion. i really, really do.  i read w. i spurge on italian vogue. i watch project runway. i look at tons of fashion blogs. but here's funny thing: i don't dress fashionably. i dress comfortably. i wear clogs or boots and knee socks, sometimes over tights. i wear dresses over skirts and layer on top of layer. i am warm and often feel like i've gone out in my pajamas. 

but i digress, jezebel and fashion. japanese fashion in particular. and this post on mori girls. something in the description of the way struck a bit of a chord with me. i clicked more links. and clicked some more. and then i did a google image and flickr search on mori girls. mori girls, one of the links read, wear layers of thin, cottony dresses& flickr search on mori girls. thick tights and boots, unpretentious makeup..."

and then told a friend who confirmed my suspicions. i could totally be a mori girl. 

Mori girl 

photo: artemis

one of my favorite things i found was this list of rules for being a mori girl:

  1. You like Q-Pot cake shape accessories (huh?) 
  2. You like loose looking one piece (dress, check)
  3. You like more simple clothes (you don’t like loudy and showy clothes very much) (check)
  4. You have a great interest into Nothern Europe fashion (check)
  5. One of your friends told you “you look like a girl in the forest” (check)
  6. Your clothes describes a A silhouette (a line skirts, check)
  7. You like to mix deep colors, dark red, dark green, brown… (check)
  8. Warm colors fit you well (check)
  9. You like knits, furs and hats with volume (knits, yes. furs, no. hats with volume, hmmm)
  10. You are a girl with a soft mood (maybe)
  11. You are a girl that gives the impression of transparency (not sure what that means)
  12. You constantly have a gentle mood (probably not)
  13. You like leather bags (yes)
  14. You use pochettes for everything (yes)
  15. You’re attracted to old things (yes)
  16. You like fob watch (yes)
  17. You like animal motifs (yes)
  18. You like dots and checks (yes)
  19. You like tights and long johns (yes)
  20. You like lavanda (lavender, check)
  21. If you wear sneakers you turn them into sleepers (huh?)
  22. You like to wrap up in stoles and mufflers (check)
  23. You like fairy tales (indeed)
  24. You like white color (yes)
  25. You are loose permed hair (oh noes)
  26. Or hair in a bob (yes)
  27. You’d like to be compared to a Russian doll (um, hmmm. maybe when i was 8.)
  28. Mori Girls are different from “Lolita and so” (i should hope so.)
  29. You’re girly (yes!)
  30. Your magazines are Fudge, Spoon, So-En and Spur (a trip to mitsuwa is in order!)
  31. You like brands like Tsumori Chisato, Cocue and Cuccia (i'm sure i would.)
  32. You also like Fellissimo (maybe)
  33. You like to spare your time in cafés (check)
  34. You like to take a walk your camera in one hand (check)
  35. You can spare time in grocery stores (check)
  36. You’re happy to find cute books in bookshops (check)
  37. Spending time in furniture store gives you pleasure thrills (i wouldn't quite put it that way.)
  38. You like winter and autumn seasons (autumn yes. chicago winter, no. portland or new orleans winter, yes)
  39. You think that Honey and Clover fits to Mori Girl (i understand this sentence and yes!)
  40. You think that Shizuru Satonaka from Simply, I love you is also a Mori Girl (no clue)

i answered yes to enough of those that if i read japanese, i could join the mori girl mixi group, which as far as i can tell is something like facebook or myspace. and really, its probably for the best that i don't.

i'm just happy to learn that not only am i not frumpy, i'm fashionable somewhere on the planet.

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whip it

we watched whip it on saturday night. if you haven't seen it already, go, go now, put it in your netflix queue. or better yet, buy it - you're going to want to watch it again and again. i know i do.

i'd already seen it but it was seriously great. everyone is fantastic. but really, its all about the chemistry between ellen page & alia shawkat. they almost made me want to be in high school with my bff again. almost.

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i want

i feel like shopping. but i won't. the clothes horse days are over. so i look. and covet. and look some more. without blinking. this is the current object of desire.


farrago fairy tale fascinator

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nerd vs. nerd: part 2


at lunch today my coworker was telling us about her middle school daughter's
project on the sphinx she was working on. she told us that
she offered to take her daughter to the library to get some books and
her daughter looked at her as though she was speaking cantonese. the
library? um, mom, duh, the internet.

we spent the rest of our lunch hour talking excitedly about term papers and bibliographies. about the smell of card catalogs and the joys of research. yes, we were all nerdy girls when we were younger.

since i wrote all of shawn's papers for him and he wouldn't know the dewey decimel system from map coordinates, i do believe this point goes to me.

for those of you keeping track, the score is 3 to 1. shawn's in the lead.

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i discovered a new favorite at renegade - blue barnhouse. hilarious letterpress cards. sometimes dirty, almost all wrong (in that oh so right kinda way.) here's some of my faves:

Blue barnyard
go ahead, i'm letterpressed, drinking alone, first class moron,

biznitch, the mermaid, a coveted recipe

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etsy love

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