bag envy

i was going through my blog reader this evening and came across a post from katie henry of made by hank fame. for those unfamiliar with made by hank, she makes the most amazing purses and pencil cases and pouches. well constructed, beautifully designed and made with love. i love everything she does. but nothing, nothing will ever top this lovely featured in tonight's post.


polka dots. tough ruffles. polka dots and tough ruffles. lordy, how i want this bag. alas, i don't need another bag. the shoulder bags sell out within moments of being listed. and more importantly, these lovelies are going for around $200 these days. i believe they are worth every. single. penny. i just can't justify the purchase right now. but at 9:00 tomorrow morning when she updates her shop i'll be there, window shopping. le sigh.

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1 more day!

my renegade shopping list:


something pretty for my hair from megan lee

a bowl from circa ceramics


some stationery from 16 sparrows / donovan beeson

Cootie catcher

another cootie catcher to give as a gift

Emerald Superpointy

a supermaggie to call my own?

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happy feet


i am a girl who loves her shoes. i have curtailed my shoe buying habit enormously. i only buy shoes that i'm certain will be comfortable. i only buy shoes that i know i will wear tons. i fell in love with these in austin, kicked myself for not buying them and then thanks to the magic of zappos, they are mine. i've worn them almost every day since they came. i'm half considering buying them in blue.

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etsy love

i'm devoting this edition of etsy love entirely to leaves of glass. kateri's new dark gardens collection is pretty spectacular and the pieces i've seen in person are breathtaking. made with vintage glass beads and inspired by "poisonous and medicinal plants, and their appearance in fairytales and fantasy stories" - i kind of want it all.

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etsy love

my last post on the fabulous photographers of etsy didn't even scratch the surface so i thought i'd do another...


vintage singer by houseofsixcats


bird girl by sixhours


line of balloons by scarletbeautiful2

School day

school day by jenniferdennispotter


swing by emmalynne


paris carousel by snappychic


secret by ellemoss

now if only teena would restock her shop or my sister-in-law would open a shop...

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the happiest place on earth


there's an antique store that i've been shopping at since i was 15 or so. its magical. there's happy things covering every inch, a standard poodle named harpo, and the nicest/wackiest owners in the universe. so, we lost a few hours there today and i got a lot of gorgeous things to use for the shop. like this lovely...

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