etsy love

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best. shirt. ever.

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etsy necklace love

i don't wear necklaces very often. but lately i've been marking quite a few as favorites...

april showers
April showers

spider web butterfly
Spider web

sovereign forest

infinite imperfection

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etsy love

this scarf is amazing. i'm seriously considering making it mine.

how do you make an already beloved item even better. add monkeys and mushrooms.yup.

these new earrings by miss kateri. i've now seen them in person and oh me, oh my! they are amazing.

these legwarmers. i even have the shoes in the pic. mmmm, warm legs.

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etsy love

vinny and vernelle. pretty flowers for your hair...

this bag by retrofied. i adore this fabric.

i love geninne. all her prints make me happy. this one wants me to sing don gato.

piper and paisley's new hats. mmmm, plaidy goodness.

this new cowl by fringe. um, yeah.


this prints by jess gonacha. it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes...
"we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." - oscar wilde

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etsy love

savor. i just purchase three different kinds of soap. i started using the pecan pie yesterday and it smells amazing.

leaves of glass. ok, yes. she's my friend. BUT she makes amazing stuff. everytime i wear earrings from her shop i get oodles of compliments.  wear leavesof glass! you'll win friends and influence people!

this new photo by teena. (full disclosure - although you probably know if you read this blog: she's my friend too.) i just think its oh so very pretty. nola sigh.

this neckwarmer by malam. everything she does is amazing but this fabric completely rocks my world.

sarahgardner. her prints make me happy. this one in particular.

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a girl's prerogative

i went with these instead. they are magic.

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silly girl

a woman stopped by my seat at rosh hashanah services today to say hi. she commented that my haircut looked great. she said i looked very pretty and that my hair looked really... shiny. she made my week.

in other girly news i am suffering from some serious shoe lust, an affliction that hasn't struck in a very long time. but look at them...

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she puts a spell on me

zooey deschanel that is. i adored her in mumford. and again in almost famous. i loved her on weeds. and everything else i've ever seen her in.

i've been loving she & him volume 1 since i bought it. m.ward is fantastic and i adore her voice. its the perfect summer cd. and then shawn bought tickets to see them.

the show was tonight. it was everything i hoped for and more. m. ward was amazing and she really shined. those are some pipes she's got. they encored with i put a spell on you and bring it on home to me - two of my most favorite songs.

plus, she's just cute. seriously. check out this video...

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an ode to skunkboy

skunkboycreatures must be one of my favorite etsy shops. when i'm having a bad day, i visit her shop  and ooooh and ahhhh at the cuteness. and then i curse her - she must be stopped. she practices what kateri has dubbed cruel and unusual crafting.

exhibit a)

exhibit b)

and exhibit c)

and having purchased and been the recipient of a gift from skunkboy, i can attest to their high quality. they are beautifully made and detailed. they are silly and charming and just a little heartbreaking.

plus, i visited katie's blog and oh my! she plays the accordian. she has pigtails and plays the accordian. i'm not sure from where she hails but i'm faily certain its the cutest place on earth.

she sent me a convo on etsy asking if i was going to be at renegade, that she'd really like to come for a visit. i'd love to meet here but i'm afraid i'd just die from all the cute.

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