things i love tuesday - the girl effect

12 is a pivotal age for girls everywhere. 12 can be revolutionary. that's what the girl effect is about. to learn more, click here. then, share this video. donate if you can. remember what a huge age 12 was for you. 

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music monday

i know. i'm an enigma. an enigma who loves ac/dc.

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flashback friday (one day late)

while cleaning my desk this week i found a pile of pictures. i think my grandma must've given them to me. 

my mom, dad and me, before they divorced.

my grandpa. such a bad ass.

me. note that i'm squinting at the camera. just like my mom.

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music monday

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roadside pumpkins

i love halloween. i always have. trick or treating. carving pumpkins. haunted houses and corn mazes. costumes. the weather. all of it. also, its me and shawn's unofficial anniversary - 18 years this year!

since we did our celebrating last night, today's going to be low key. a scary t-shirt and comfy pants. tootsie pops. scary movies and writing reviews for the other blog. handing out candy.

all treat.

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two plumbers walk into a bar...

and off things happen. for real.

some highlights:

  • kateri & i were mario & luigi. we made our mustaches and hats. and we made people smile.
  • my mustache gave shawn hardcore giggles.
  • the mustaches made drinking difficult. we are nothing if not determined and made it work.
  • but it was a crappy bar so the drinks kind of sucked. again, we made it work.
  • shawn & nik played as the white stripes. they kinda rocked.
  • the daytonics played as elvis. again, there was some rocking.
  • there was a sexy cookie monster. i kid you not. and she was overheard saying, "there's no one here to make out with."
  • part of her big stupid head appeared in 95% of my pictures of the elvises.
  • she was also seen dancing with a kind of skeevy guy and then asked her friend, "is he hot?" friend: "no, no he is not."
  • and he wasn't. he got all chatty with us too.
  • the bar smelled. like cheap beer and body odor.
  • there was a woman wearing a pizza box with a purple bra and panties on the pizza box. we couldn't figure out what she was. we asked. sexy pizza. we were disappointed.
  • there was a group of three men in silver lame space suits who were AWESOME. i didn't get a picture of them though. 
  • there was also a girl in a purple tutu with a unicorn mask and lots of sparkles. huh?
  • BUT there were 3 girls and a guy dressed as the heathers and christian slater, complete with dynamite and croquet mallets. GENIUS.
  • at one point we saw toad walk by. we decided we should spend the night going from bar to bar finding all the mario characters.
  • instead we found waldo. there was one at the bar we were at. when we went outside for some non-stinky air another one walked by. i told him there was another waldo in the bar and he shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • i then, after dropping kateri off for the night, saw another waldo walking down the street with a 12 pack of beer.
  • i came home and watched evil dead 2 until i fell asleep.

a good, odd time was had by all. (check out more pictures here.)


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music monday

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music monday

not sure why but i haven't been able to shake this song in days. not that that's a bad thing.

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oh, october!

jack o' lanterns by ebonypaws

october, oh october, i love you so. you are my most favorite month in chicago. crisp air, crunchy leaves, the urge to wear knee socks and make soup. oh, october, i'm so happy to see you again.

if you've been following me awhile you know that i LOVE horror movies. and every october i subject myself, and my readers, to a horror movie a day. while some of you may enjoy this, my guess is that my referencing the number of quality kills in a movie is something many of you could do without. so, i'm starting a new blog. it should be up and running any moment and if you did enjoy my horror ramblings, that's where they'll be. my goal is to a) not scare anyone over here and b) give myself a place where i can expand my writing about horror further, not only reviewing movies but discussing women in horror, as well as the important rules for survival in a horror movie - which is something i'm, um, passionate about.

in the meantime, october seems to be influencing my work. i can't seem to stop making necklaces in pretty fall colors. like this one:

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perfect for a sunday afternoon

i just want to curl up this chair and stay there. all day long. my blanket, a good book and possibly a cat. it figures that as we're getting ready to leave i'd fall a little in love with my house again.

since i can't spend the entire day reading, although the pile of books is huge and getting bigger every week, i must hop to. the to do list is long, with a quick break in the middle to run to my parents.

but before i get started, a few links i enjoyed this week:

  • i may need to try this. (and how great is that dress?)
  • i LOVE kate and i may have to start wednesday wishes here.
  • i sometimes forget about babe paley. and then she shows up in my blog reader and i can't get her out of my head.
  • if i'd gotten up at a reasonable hour, i would have made these for breakfast. maybe dinner?
  • want.
  • and this just cracks me up. actually, she just cracks me up. her yom kippur tweets were inappropriately awesome.

two more things:

the buy one, get one free ring sale ends tonight at midnight.

and the spring and summer necklaces that i've marked down will be disappearing from the shop tonight.

so go ahead, buy yourself something pretty. and have a great day!

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