hipstamatic pic taken during a yardwork break. the hipstamatic app is no substitute for a real camera but it sure is fun.

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we managed to get up, take this behemoth pile of packages to the post office, stop for bagels and coffee, have our weekly shampton industries meeting, and stock up on produce before 11 today. i'm taking more photos for some new ebay listings, showering and then going to the movies with kateri. we plan on spending all afternoon & evening there. 3 or 4 movies, that's productive right?

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this odd thing i did (or how i came to be in possesion of lola's teeth)

i love twitter. i do. you get glimpses into the worlds of all sorts of people. i follow all sorts of people i admire, for one reason or another. fabulous lorraine would be one such person. i'll admit that i began following her because she is the personal assistant to neil gaiman, who i find endlessly amusing and whose writing i really enjoy.

i follow people on a whim all the time and unfollow them just as quick. its the nature of twitter. i've stuck with @fablor though. she's funny. she's interesting. she's got the good hair. the fascinating job. she's a musician. and a mad animal lover. i enjoy her tweets immensely.

so, about a month ago i was riding the train home from work and noticed something funny happening on twitter:

@fablor 2 

so, i think to myself, "huh. i bet kateri could do something magical with those teeth. plus, how hilarious would she find making earrings out of neil gaiman's puppy's teeth? oh yeah. this is good. this is awesome. i think this may be my best idea yet..." and then i tweet*:


*actually not the first tweet. the first tweet had a horrible typo and although i will let MANY typos slide, i won't really let one to @fablor slide. she's neil gaiman's personal assistant for the love of god. no typos allowed. this tweet was too important. this was the follow up tweet to the deleted tweet of shame.

so, i tweeted. and waited. and checked. and waited. and shawn picked me up from the train and said, "what the hell are you tweeting about teeth for?" and i explained. and he agreed, good plan. and i waited.

and then this happened:

@fablor 3

and then i called kateri. a little nervous because she was going to either find this incredibly awesome or weird and well, stalker-y.

the conversation went something like this...

kateri: hello

me: so, i did this thing. and its quite possibly the weirdest thing i've ever done for you since we've been friends. possibly the weirdest thing i've ever done for a friend. ever.

<long pause>

kateri: i'm so nervous right now.

shana: <nervous laughter> i am too and i know what this thing i did is...

and i told her.

and then the teeth came and i handed them over.

and i've seen the start of these earrings and yeah, most exellent. really, one of my best plans ever. i really hope lorraine loves them and that kateri loved making them.

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things i love tuesday


this book. thanks jennifer!

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rough day, good song

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things i love tuesday

The Guild

the guild. felicia day is adorable. she has impeccable timing. and honestly, so does everyone else on the show. find a few hours and watch the whole thing. you'll be glad you did!<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&fg=Xbox_Channel_guild_player_final&vid=6f31eb66-4360-439a-ad62-f2bdf28f550e" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time">Video: Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time</a>

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have you seen my sister evelyn?

we went to the amanda palmer / evelyn evelyn show tonight. amazing really doesn't quite cut it. i has happy from start to finish. ok, yes, there was the radiohead song that kicked my ass down the rabbit hole. but even that, even that was pretty great. 

i could gush. i could. but i won't. really, i don't think i could do it justice.


if the amanda palmer / evelyn evelyn tour hasn't hit your town yet, go. for reals. you may just get to see jason webley do this song and let me tell you, it'll knock your socks off.

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things i love tuesday


yup, that's what i'm calling tuesdays now.

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owly goodness

Live Owl Nest Box Cam

i'm not entirely certain how i found her but i did. and now i can't tear myself away. 

molly, the beautiful creature in the picture above, is a barn owl who is sitting on 5 eggs. They are ready to hatch any day now. she sleeps, snorgles the eggs, eats, "bonds" with a male owl, mcgee, and just lives her wild life. at first you might think its boring but watch long enough and you'll see, she's completely fascinating. and kind of vicious. all kinds of awesome.

go now. you won't regret it.

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if i were...

Photo-21 copy

if i was a month, i'd be July.

if i was a day of the week, i'd be Sunday.

if i was a time of day, i'd be early morning.

if i was a planet, i'd be Pluto, oh wait...

if i was a sea animal, i'd be a stingray.

if i was a direction,i 'd be northwest.

if i was a piece of furniture, i'd be a comfy old sofa.

if i was a liquid, i'd be bubbly.

if i was a gemstone, i'd be a tanzanite.

if i was a tree, i'd be a cherry tree.

if i was a tool, i'd be a garden hoe.

if i was a flower, i'd be a peony.

if i was a kind of weather, i'd be an april shower.

if i was a musical instrument, i'd be an upright bass.

if i was a color, i'd be periwinkle blue.

if i was an emotion, i'd be anticipation

if i was a fruit, i'd be a meyer lemon.

if i was a sound, i'd be a camera shutter.

if i was an element, i'd be calcium.

if i was a car, i'd be a volkswagen thing.

if i was a food, i'd be cheese.

if i was a place, i'd be cinque terre.

if i was a material, i'd be silk dupioni.

if i was a taste, i'd be tangy

if i was a scent, i'd be flowery.

if i was an object, i'd be a button.

if i was a body part, i'd be a big toe.

if i was a facial expression, i'd be a sideways glance.

if i was a song, i'd be pot kettle black.

if i was a pair of shoes, i be green & white polka dotted ballet flats.

this meme brought to you in part by alpha scout.

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